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Title: Scrapie at Abattoir: monitoring, control, and differential diagnosis of wasting conditions during meat inspection
Authors: Esteves, Alexandra
Vieira-Pinto, Madalena
Quintas, Hélder
Orge, Leonor
Gama, Adelina
Alves, Anabela
Seixas, Fernanda
Pires, Isabel
Pinto, Maria de Lurdes
Mendonça, Ana Paula
Lima, Carla
Machado, Carla Neves
Silva, João Carlos
Tavares, Paula
Silva, Filipe
Bastos, Estela
Pereira, Jorge
Gonçalves-Anjo, Nuno
Carvalho, Paulo
Sargo, Roberto
Matos, Ana
Figueira, Luís
Pires, Maria dos Anjos
Keywords: wasting disease
differential diagnosis
Issue Date: 21-Oct-2021
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Wasting disease in small ruminants is frequently detected at slaughterhouses. The wasting disorder is manifested by the deterioration of the nutritional and physiological state of the animal indicated by thinness, emaciation, and cachexia. Evidence of emaciation and cachexia, alone, are pathological conditions leading to carcass condemnation during an inspection. Several diseases are associated with a wasting condition, including scrapie, pseudotuberculosis, tuberculosis, paratuberculosis, Maedi Visna, and tumor diseases. On the other hand, parasitic diseases, nutrition disorders, exposure or ingestion of toxins, metabolic conditions, inadequate nutrition due to poor teeth, or poor alimentary diet are conditions contributing to poor body condition. Classical and atypical scrapie is naturally occurring transmissible spongiform encephalopathies in small ruminants. The etiological agent for each one is prions. However, each of these scrapie types is epidemiologically, pathologically, and biochemically different. Though atypical scrapie occurs at low incidence, it is consistently prevalent in the small ruminant population. Hence, it is advisable to include differential diagnosis of this disease, from other possibilities, as a cause of wasting conditions detected during meat inspection at the abattoir. This manuscript is a review of the measures in force at the abattoir for scrapie control, focusing on the differential diagnosis of gross lesions related to wasting conditions detected in small ruminants during meat inspection.
Peer Reviewed: yes
Document Type: Article
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