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Título: The Measurement of Emotional Intensity: A Psychophysical Approach
Autor: Cardoso, Francisco
Matsushima, Elton
Kamizaki, Ricardo
Oliveira, A.
Da Silva, J.
Palavras-chave: Emotion
Basic Emotions
Hedonic Psychophysics
Data: 2001
Resumo: Despite its phenomenal salience, the intensity of emotions remains a neglected issue of emotion research. The very notion has long been shown subtle and elusive, never precisely matched by physiological arousal or, on the subjective side, by the activation dimension so common among emotion space models. This paper argues in favor of reframing the whole matter into a psychophysical measurement approach. An experiment focusing on emotion words related to seven basic discrete emotions is reported, that relies on a cross-modal matching paradigm to check the validity and quantitative properties of the scaling achieved. Considerations that put the method’ s contribution in perspective are also offered.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10348/1480
ISSN: 3-936142-12-2
Tipo de Documento: Livro
Aparece nas colecções:OLD - DEP - Acta de Conferência

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