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Title: Histopathologic and immunohistochemical exam in one case of canine endometrial adenocarcinoma
Authors: Pires, M.A.
Seixas, F.
Palmeira, C.
Payan-Carreira, R.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Canine endometrial carcinomas are rare, and mostly occur in geriatric bitches. In this work, the uterus of a 10-year-old female Boxer evidencing an endometrial carcinoma on the body of the uterus was used to describe the histopathological features of the tumour and to study its immunophenotype. In this work, a panel of immunomarkers (cytokeratins AE1/AE3 and 14, vimentin, CD10 and Ki-67) was applied to the endometrial carcinoma to establish the staining patterns indicative of the tumour agressiveness and cellular differentiation. Additionally DNA ploidy was also performed. In this case, the tumour showed papillar pattern, with large pleomorphic, anaplastic cells and also some aberrant multinucleated and giant cells. In some areas of the tumour, it was also observed cytotrophoblastic-like cells outlining the papillae. Cytokeratin AE1/AE3 expression was detected in the luminal neoplasic cells. Cytokeratin 14 positivity was sporadic and irregular, and was observed mainly in the luminal epithelium. Only stromal and aberrant cells showed a positive staining to vimentin. Positive membranous staining to CD10 was evidenced by clear epithelial, cytotrophoblastic-like cells at the tumour surface but not by the stromal cells. The mitotic and Ki-67 indices were low, suggestive of a weak aggressiveness of the tumour. The multinucleated and giant cells evidenced a positive immunostaining to CK AE1/AE3, and CD 10; its positivity to vimentin was sporadic. This study aims to contribute to the advancement of the knowledge in canine endometrial carcinoma immunophenotype.
Peer Reviewed: yes
Document Type: Article
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