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Title: Effectiveness of AFLPs and retrotransposon-based markers for the identification of portuguese grapevine cultivars and clones
Authors: Castro, Isaura
D'Onofrio, Claudio
Martín, Juan Pedro
Ortiz, Jesús María
De Lorenziz, Gabriella
Ferreira, Vanessa
Pinto-Carnide, Olinda
Keywords: AFLP
Vitis vinifera L.
Clonal identification
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Humana Press Inc.
Citation: Isaura Castro, Claudio D’Onofrio, Juan Pedro Martín, Jesús María Ortiz, Gabriella De Lorenzis, Vanessa Ferreira, Olinda Pinto-Carnide (2012). Effectiveness of AFLPs and retrotransposon-based markers for the identification of portuguese grapevine cultivars and clones. Molecular Biotechnology 52: 26-39.
Abstract: Grapevine germplasm, including 38 of the main Portuguese cultivars and three foreign cultivars, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Chasselas, used as a reference, and 37 true-to-type clones from the Alvarinho, Arinto, Loureiro, Moscatel Galego Branco, Trajadura and Vinhão cultivars were studied using AFLP and three retrotransposon-based molecular techniques, IRAP, REMAP and SSAP. To study the retrotransposon-based polymorphisms, 18 primers based on the LTR sequences of Tvv1, Gret1 and Vine-1 were used. In the analysis of 41 cultivars, 517 IRAP, REMAP, AFLP and SSAP fragments were obtained, 83% of which were polymorphic. For IRAP, only the Tvv1Fa primer amplified DNA fragments. In the REMAP analysis, the Tvv1Fa-Ms14 primer combination only produced polymorphic bands, and the Vine-1 primers produced mainly ISSR fragments. The highest number of polymorphic fragments was found for AFLP. Both AFLP and SSAP showed a greater capacity for identifying clones, resulting in 15 and 9 clones identified, respectively. Together, all of the techniques allowed for the identification of 54% of the studied clones, which is an important step in solving one of the challenges that viticulture currently faces.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISSN: 1073-6085
Document Type: Article
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