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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
8-Feb-2018Projeto EDUPLACES - Reflexões a partir dos critérios de constituição do portefólio de práticas socioeducativas inclusivasCosta, Isabel; Loureiro, Armando; Barros, Rosanna; Rodrigues, MartaConference ObjectOpen Access
22-Jan-2018Overcoming school underachievement: a view on strategies of “student grouping”Costa, Isabel; Loureiro, Armando; Sá, Virgínio; Rodrigues, MartaConference ObjectOpen Access
2018Partilha de conhecimento entre docentes do ensino superior: Uma revisão quantitativa da literaturaSousa, Nuno; Marques, Carlos Duarte Coelho Peixeira; Leal, Carmem Teresa PereiraBook ChapterClosed Access
14-Apr-2018Effects of traits, self-motivation and managerial skills on nursing intrapreneurshipMarques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Ferreira, João J. M.; Ferreira, Fernando A. F.ArticleClosed Access
29-May-2018Tourism beliefs, conservation preferences, and support for tourism development in an emergent rural destinationMarques, Carlos Peixeira; Leal, Carmem Teresa PereiraConference ObjectOpen Access
2018Antecedents of entrepreneurial intentions among students in vocational training programmesGalvão, Anderson; Marques, Carla Susana Da Encarnação; Marques, Carlos PeixeiraArticleClosed Access
2018The Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Portuguese Healthcare Organisations' PerformanceLeal, Carmem Teresa Pereira; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Marques, Carla Susana Da EncarnaçãoArticleClosed Access
Nov-2018Gender, knowledge and motivation for wine purchasingMarques, Carlos Peixeira; Guia, Ana Teresa BernardoArticleOpen Access
2018The dimensions of rural tourism experience: impacts on arousal, memory, and satisfactionKastenholz, Elisabeth; Carneiro, Maria João; Marques, Carlos Peixeira; Loureiro, Sandra Maria CorreiaArticleClosed Access
2018Emociones, experiencias turísticas y apegos a los destinosMarques, Carlos PeixeiraBook ChapterClosed Access