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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
18-Oct-2019Composting of agro-food residues: chemical composition, greenhouse gases emissions and compost agronomic valueSantos, Cátia Inês Rodrigues dosDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
7-May-2019Diversity and ecology of entomopathogenic fungi in the Douro wine region of PortugalSharma, LavDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
8-Nov-2019Pre and postharvest innovative strategies to enhance cherry qualityCorreia, Sofia Mendes MoreiraDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
5-Nov-2019Welfare of poultry: assessment of welfare indicators along the food chainSaraiva, Sónia da Conceição TeixeiraDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
21-Jan-2020Enhancement of wheat establishment and drought stress resistance through seed priming and foliar fertilisationPavia, Ivo Miguel MenesesDoctoral ThesisEmbargo Access
26-May-2020Evaluation of Survival of Pathogenic Microorganisms on Animal Manure Under Ambient Conditions. A One Health ApproachSoares, Ana Sofia Pereira CarvalhoDoctoral ThesisEmbargo Access
9-Jun-2020Characterization and selection of microbial symbionts of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) for development of inoculantsPereira, Sandra Isabel RibeiroDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
8-May-2020Acute Phase Proteins in Feline Medicine Acute phase proteins response in feline natural infection by hemotropic mycoplasmas (hemoplasmas), in feline pyometra and in feline spontaneous malignant mammary tumorsVilhena, Hugo Corte RealDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
19-May-2020Characterization and Optimization of Sheep as an Animal Model of Osteoporosis Follow-up of Bone Turnover Markers, Bone Mineral Density and Mechanical Properties and Bone Remodelling After Osteoporosis InductionCamassa, José Arthur de AbreuDoctoral ThesisClosed Access
14-Jul-2020Influência dos animais de companhia (canis lupus familiaris e/ou felis catus domesticus) nos estados depressivos, de ansiedade, de demência e nos níveis de tensão arterial da população idosa da Região Autónoma da MadeiraVasconcelos, Sílvia MartinhaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access