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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2014Genetic relationship among wild, landraces and cultivars of hazelnut (Corylus avellana) from Portugal revealed through ISSR and AFLP markersMartins, Sandra; Simões, Fernanda; Matos, José; Silva, Ana Paula; Carnide, ValdemarArticleOpen Access
2014A multidisciplinary approach to enhance the conservation and use of hazelnut Corylus avellana L. genetic resourcesBacchetta, L.; Rovira, M.; Tronci, C.; Aramini, M.; Drogoudi, P.; Silva, A. P.; Solar, A.; Avanzato, D.; Botta, R.; Valentini, N.; Boccacci, P.ArticleOpen Access
2014The Reorganisation of European Hazelnut Genetic Resources in the SAFENUT (AGRI GEN RES) ProjectBacchetta, L.; Avanzato, D.; Di Giovanni, B.; Botta, R.; Boccacci, P.; Drogoudi, P.; Metzidakis, I.; Rovira, M.; Sarraquigne, J.P.; Silva, A.P.; Solar, A.; Spera, D.ArticleOpen Access
2014New Insights into Mycobacterium bovis Prevalence in Wild Mammals in PortugalMatos, A. C.; Figueira, L.; Martins, M. H.; Pinto, M. L.; Matos, M.; Coelho, A. C.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Mycobacterium bovis Infection in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) with cerebral involvement found in PortugaPinto, Maria de Lurdes Ribeiro; Matos, M.; Coelho, A.C.; Figueira, L.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Survey of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in road-killed wild carnivores in Portugal.Matos AC; Figueira L; Martins MH; Loureiro F; Pinto ML; Matos M; Coelho ACArticleRestricted Access
2014Immune responses and gut morphology of Senegalese sole ( Solea senegalensis , Kaup 1858) fed monospecies and multispecies probioticsBatista, S.; Ramos, M.A.; Cunha, S.; Barros, R.; Cristóvão, B.; Rema, P.; Pires, M.A.; Valente, L.M.P.; Ozório, R.O.A.ArticleRestricted Access
2014CANINE ORAL CAVITY TUMOURS: A RETROSPECTIVE STUDYPires, Maria dos AnjosArticleRestricted Access
2014Bisphosphonates induce the osteogenic gene expression in co-cultured human endothelial and mesenchymal stem cellsRibeiro, V.; Garcia, M.; Oliveira, R.; Gomes, P.S.; Colaço, B.; Fernandes, M.H.ArticleRestricted Access
2014Improving discrimination in the grading of rat mammary tumors using two-dimensional mapping of histopathological observationsLopes, A.C.; Cova, T.F.G.G.; Pais, A.A.C.C.; Pereira, J.L.G.F.S.C.; Colaço, B.; Cabrita, A.M.S.ArticleRestricted Access