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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
30-Apr-2020Assessing the impacts of recent-past climatic constraints on potential wheat yield and adaptation options under Mediterranean climate in southern PortugalYang, Chenyao; Fraga, H.; Ieperen, Wim van; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2020Air-Traffic Restrictions at the Madeira International Airport Due to Adverse Winds: Links to Synoptic-Scale Patterns and Orographic EffectsBelo-Pereira, Margarida; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2022On the development of a regional climate change adaptation plan: Integrating model-assisted projections and stakeholders' perceptionsGonçalves, Catarina; Honrado, João P.; Cerejeira, João; Sousa, Rita; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Vaz, Ana Sofia; Alves, Manuela; Araújo, Miguel; Carvalho-Santos, Cláudia; Fonseca, André; Fraga, Hélder; Gonçalves, João F.; Lomba, Angela; Pinto, Eva; Vicente, Joana R.; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
Mar-2022Assessing the grapevine crop water stress indicator over the flowering-veraison phase and the potential yield lose rate in important European wine regionsYang, Chenyao; Menz, Christoph; Fraga, Helder; Costafreda-Aumedes, Sergi; Leolini, Luisa; Ramos, Maria Concepción; Molitor, Daniel; van Leeuwen, Cornelis; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021How winter prevailing weather conditions influence the bat activity patterns?Barros, P.; Faria, S.; Pereira, M.; Santos, J. A.; Cabral, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Are Land Use Options in Viticulture and Oliviculture in Agreement with Bioclimatic Shifts in Portugal?Andrade, Cristina; Fonseca, André; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Perceptions of Public Officers Towards the Effects of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services: A Case-Study From Northern PortugalVaz, Ana Sofia; Graça, Marisa; Carvalho-Santos, Cláudia; Pinto, Eva; Vicente, Joana R.; Honrado, João P.; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Temperature-Based Grapevine Ripeness Modeling for cv. Touriga Nacional and Encruzado in the Dão Wine Region, PortugalRodrigues, Pedro; Pedroso, Vanda; Gonçalves, Fernando; Reis, Samuel; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021European grapevine moth in the Douro region: voltinism and climatic scenariosReis, Samuel; Martins, Joana; Gonçalves, Fátima; Carlos, Cristina; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Chilling and Forcing for the Main Fresh Fruit Regions in PortugalFraga, Helder; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access