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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2021Fire from the Sky in the AnthropoceneFernandes, Paulo M.; Santos, J. A.; Castedo-Dorado, Fernando; Almeida, RuiArticleOpen Access
2021Climate Projections for Precipitation and Temperature Indicators in the Douro Wine Region: The Importance of Bias CorrectionMartins, Joana; Fraga, Helder; Fonseca, André; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2020Current and Future Ecological Status Assessment: A New Holistic Approach for Watershed ManagementFonseca, André R.; Santos, J. A.; Varandas, Simone da Graça Pinto; Monteiro, Sandra M.; Martinho, José L.; Cortes, Rui Manuel Vitor; Cabecinha, EdnaArticleOpen Access
2021Integrating ecosystem services into sustainable landscape management: A collaborative approachTerêncio, D.P.S.; Varandas, S.G.P.; Fonseca, A.R.; Cortes, R.M.V.; Fernandes, L.F.; Pacheco, F.A.L.; Monteiro, S.M.; Martinho, J.; Cabral, J.; Santos, J. A.; Cabecinha, E.ArticleOpen Access
2021Climate Change Projections of Dry and Wet Events in Iberia Based on the WASP-IndexAndrade, Cristina; Contente, Joana; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2020Mediterranean Olive Orchards under Climate Change: A Review of Future Impacts and Adaptation StrategiesFraga, Helder; Moriondo, Marco; Leolini, Luisa; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Influence of Climate Change on Chestnut Trees: A ReviewFreitas, Teresa R.; Santos, J. A.; Silva, Ana P.; Fraga, H.ArticleOpen Access
2020International trade, non-tariff measures and climate change: insights from Port wine exportsMacedo, Anthony; Gouveia, Sofia Helena Cerqueira de; Rebelo, João; Santos, J. A.; Fraga, H.ArticleOpen Access
2019EditorialAndrade, Cristina; Santos, J. A.; Hughes, SamanthaArticleOpen Access
2021Simultaneous Calibration of Grapevine Phenology and Yield with a Soil–Plant–Atmosphere System Model Using the Frequentist MethodYang, Chenyao; Menz, Christoph; Fraga, Helder; Reis, Samuel; Machado, Nelson; Malheiro, Aureliano C.; Santos, J. A.ArticleOpen Access