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2015Assessing the Potential Role of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera) As Ecological Indicators in Tropical Ecosystems: A ReviewCajaiba, Eduardo; Périco, Eduardo; Cabral, João Alexandre; Santos, Mário Gabriel Santiago dosBook ChapterClosed Access
2014Compensating the Impact of Large Reservoirs in Amphibian Communities: A Case StudySantos, Mário Gabriel Santiago dos; Barros, Paulo; Bastos, Rita; Vale-Gonçalves, Hélia; Lourenço, Vera; Travassos, Paulo; Carvalho, Diogo; Gomes, Carla; Morinha, Francisco; Cabral, João AlexandreBook ChapterClosed Access
2016Geomedicine and History of Science: A Contribution to Scientific CultureRodrigues, Isilda; Torres, Joana; Favas, PauloBook ChapterClosed Access
2016Acid Mine Drainages From Abandoned Mines: Hydrochemistry, Environmental Impact, Resource Recovery, and Prevention of PollutionFavas, P. J. C.; Sarkar, S.K.; Rakshit, D.; Venkatachalam, P.; Prasad, M.N.V.Book ChapterClosed Access
2016Tree Crops on Abandoned Mines for Environmental Remediation and Industrial FeedstockFavas, P.J.C.; Pratas, J.; Chaturvedi, R.; Paul, M.S.; Prasad, M.N.V.Book ChapterClosed Access
2013An Outline of Modelling Tool Applications in Freshwater Ecosystem and Resource Management. Chapter 9.Cabecinha, Edna; Cabral, João Alexandre; Hughes, Samantha JaneBook ChapterClosed Access
2011The Use of Stochastic Models as a Management Tool in a Shallow Temperate Estuary of South Europe (Mondego, Portugal). Chapter 5.Silva-Santos, Pedro; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Múria, Tiago; Medeiros, Joana; Cardoso, Patricia; Dolbeth, Mariana; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo; Cabral, João AlexandreBook ChapterClosed Access
201517. Anticipating Invasions and Managing Impacts: A Review of Recent Spatiotemporal Modelling ApproachesSantos, Mário; Bastos, Rita; Vicente, Joana; Berger, Uta; Silveira Soares Filho, Britaldo; Rodrigues, Hermann; Alonso, Joaquim; Guerra, Carlos; Martins, João; Honrado, João; Cabral, João AlexandreBook ChapterClosed Access
2008Intensidade do treinamento como variável metodológica da prescrição dos exercícios resistidosBarreto AC; Novaes GS; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado de Ribeiro dos; Novaes JS; Simão RF; Miranda HMBook ChapterClosed Access
2014Assessing the Potential Role of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera) as Ecological Indicators in Tropical Ecosystems: A Review. Chapter 3.Cajaiba, R. J.; Périco, E.; Cabral, João Alexandre; Santos, MárioBook ChapterClosed Access