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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2012Effects Of High-Speed Power Training And Detraining On Muscle Performance And Functional Capacity In Older Women.Ana Pereira; Mikel Izquierdo; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Aldo Manuel Costa; Juan José González-Badillo; Mário C. MarquesArticleRestricted Access
2013The orientation effects of oar-blade on the drag coefficient using Computational Fluid Dynamics.A. Laurent; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; A. Rouard; Daniel Almeida Marinho; A. Alfaiate; Vishveswar R. Mantha; Abel RouboaArticleRestricted Access
2013Combined strength and step aerobics training leads to significant gains in maximal strength and body composition in women.Ana, Pereira; A. M., Costa; M, Izquierdo; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Marques, Mário C.; J.H.H., WilliamsArticleRestricted Access
2012Is underwater gliding test a valid procedure to estimate the swimmer’s drag?Jorge Morais; Sérgio Jesus; Jean Mejias; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Daniel Almeida Marinho; Tiago BarbosaArticleRestricted Access
2015Hydrodynamic Analysis of Different Finger Positions in Swimming: A Computational Fluid Dynamics ApproachSilva, António José Rocha Martins da; Vilas-Boas, J.P.; Ramos, R.J.; Fernandes, R.J.; Rouboa, A.I.; Machado, L.; Barbosa, T.M.; Marinho, D.A.ArticleOpen Access
2010Stability of Patterns of Behavior in the Butterfly Technique of The Elite SwimmersHugo Louro; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Teresa Anguera; Daniel Almeida Marinho; Conceição Oliveira; Ana Conceição; Jorge CampaniçoArticleRestricted Access
2010Determination of the Drag Coefficient During the First and Second Gliding Positions of the Breaststroke Underwater StrokeJoão Paulo Vilas-Boas; Lígia Costa; Ricardo Jorge Fernandes; João Ribeiro; Pedro Alexandre Figueiredo; Daniel Almeida Marinho; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Abel Rouboa; Leandro MachadoArticleRestricted Access
2010Examining the accumulated oxygen deficit method in breaststroke swimmingReis, Victor Machado; Marinho, Daniel Almeida; Barbosa, Fernando Policarpo; Reis, António Malvas; Guidetti, Laura; Silva, António JoséArticleRestricted Access
29-Feb-2016Modelling the relationship between biomechanics and performance of young sprinting swimmersSilva, António José Rocha Martins da; Morais, Jorge; Marinho, Daniel; Marques, Mário; Batalha, Nuno; Barbosa, TiagoArticleOpen Access
Nov-2016Ciências do Desporto: Contributos para o Rendimento DesportivoSilva, António José Rocha Martins daBookOpen Access