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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2017Characterisation of related red-berried and white-berried grapevine cultivarsFalco, V.; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Oliveira, A.A.; Ferreira, V.; Martin, J.P.; Ortiz, J.M.; Oliveira, P.; Moura, J.P.; Magalhães, N.; Pinto-Carnide, O.Article; Conference ObjectRestricted Access
2016Identification of Vitis vinifera L. grape berry skin color mutants and polyphenolic profileFerreira, Vanessa; Fernandes, Fátima; Pinto-Carnide, Olinda; Valentão, Patrícia; Falco, Virgílio; Martín, Juan Pedro; Ortiz, Jesús María; Arroyo-García, Rosa; Andrade, Paula B.; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleOpen Access
2018Apple (Malus spp.) Breeding: Present and FuturePereira-Lorenzo, Santiago; Fischer, Manfred; Ramos-Cabrer, Ana María; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeBook ChapterRestricted Access
2015Genetic diversity of portuguese autochthonous apple cultivarsFerreira, V.; Pinto-Carnide, O.; Pereira, F.; Rodrigues, R.; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleRestricted Access
2017European cowpea landraces for a more sustainable agriculture system and novel foodsCarvalho, Márcia; Bebeli, Penelope J; Pereira, Graça; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Egea-Gilabert, Catalina; Matos, Manuela; Lazaridi, Efstathia; Duarte, Isabel; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Ntatsi, Georgia; Rodrigues, Miguel; Savvas, Dimitrios; Rosa, Eduardo; Carnide, ValdemarArticleRestricted Access
18-Aug-2018Berry color variation in grapevine as a source of diversityFerreira, Vanessa; Carnide, Olinda Pinto; Rosa Arroyo-García; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeArticleRestricted Access
27-Sep-2018Speciation and periodic restricted environments. The case of genus Ononis L. (subsections Natrix and Viscosae)Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Rocha, J.; Costa, C.; Costa, G.; Ramírez-Rodríguez, R.; Amich, F.; Carnide, Valdemar Pedrosa; Crespí, A. L.ArticleRestricted Access
11-Sep-2018Genetics and expression of anthocyanin pathway genes in the major skinpigmented Portuguese cultivar ‘Vinhão’ developing berriesFerreira, Vanessa; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Carrasco, David; Carnide, Olinda Pinto; Rosa Arroyo-GarcíaArticleRestricted Access
Sep-2017Património Genético do DouroSantos, Fernanda Maria Madaleno Rei Tomás...; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira DeConference ObjectOpen Access
28-Nov-2018Screening of worldwide cowpea collection to drought tolerant at a germination stageCarvalho, Márcia; Matos, Maria Manuela Do Outeiro Correia De; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Monteiro, Eliana; Rosa, Eduardo Augusto Dos Santos; Lino-Neto, Teresa; Carnide, Valdemar PedrosaArticleRestricted Access