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2016Electromyography analysis of the abdominal crunch in stable and unstable surfaceAlves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Flávia Guimarães; Rosa, Claudio; Eduardo Borba Neves; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; André Fernandes; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro DosArticleClosed Access
2016Comparison of oxygen uptake during and after the execution of resistance exercises and exercises performed on ergometers, matched for intensityAlves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Freitas, Nuno Miguel; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Scott, Christopher B.; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro Dos; Simão, Roberto; Sousa, Nuno Domingos Garrido Nunes DeArticleOpen Access
2016Do the passerine traits’ dynamic patterns indicate the ecological status of agro-forestry ecosystems? A modelling approach for “Montado¿? management assessmentsMulatu, Tilahun; Bastos, Rita; Santos, Mario Gabriel Santiago Dos; Sousa, José Paulo; Silva, Pedro Martins da; Cabral, João Alexandre Ferreira Abel Dos ...ArticleOpen Access
10-Mar-2016Is wine savory? Umami taste in wineAlice, Vilela; António, Inês; Fernanda, CosmeArticleOpen Access
2016The thermal response of biceps brachii to strength trainingNeves, Eduardo Borba; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Moreira, Tiago Rafael; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro DosArticleOpen Access
2016Geomedicine and History of Science: A Contribution to Scientific CultureRodrigues, Isilda; Torres, Joana; Favas, PauloBook ChapterClosed Access
4-Jan-2016Wine phenolics: looking for a smooth mouthfeelAlice, Vilela; António, M. Jordão; Fernanda, CosmeArticleOpen Access
2016Influence of different small-sided games on physical and physiological demands in rugby union playersVaz, Luís Miguel Teixeira; Gonçalves, Bruno Sérgio Varanda; Figueira, Bruno Emanuel Nogueira; Garcia, Gastón CésarArticleRestricted Access
2016Physical fitness profiles of elite under-19 rugby union players.VAZ, L.; Vasilica, Iancu; Carreras, David; Kraak, Wilbur; Nakamura, FábioArticleRestricted Access
2016Uranium accumulation in aquatic macrophytes in an uraniferous region: Relevance to natural attenuationCordeiro, Cristina; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Pratas, João; Sarkar, Santosh Kumar; Venkatachalam, PerumalArticleClosed Access