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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
6-May-2016Análise Em Componentes Principais Categórica Aplicada Ao Perfil Sensorial De Vinhos Do PortoVILELA, Alice; MONTEIRO, Bebiana; CORREIA, EliseteConference ObjectClosed Access
11-Oct-2016Statistical techniques for sensorial characterization of wines from three different grape varieties of Vinho Verde Region.Marques, Catarina; Vilela, Alice; Correia, EliseteConference ObjectClosed Access
2016Acute Effect of Resistance Exercises Performed by the Upper and Lower Limbs with Blood Flow Restriction on Hemodynamic ResponsesAlves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Neto, Gabriel R.; Morgado, Nuno; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Lemos, Rui Jorge; Moreira, Tiago Rafael; Novaes, Jefferson; Rosa, Claudio; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro DosArticleOpen Access
2016Comparison of Oxygen Uptake During and after the Execution of Resistance Exercises and Exercises Performed on Ergometers, Matched for IntensityAlves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Nuno Freitas; Christopher B. Scott; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro Dos; Simão, Roberto; Nuno GarridoArticleOpen Access
2016Correlation between skin temperature and heart rate during exercise and recovery, and the influence of body position in these variables in untrained womenNeves, Eduardo Borba; Cunha, Raphael Martins; Rosa, Claudio; Antunes, Natacha Sousa; Felisberto, Ivo Miguel Vieira; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado De Ribeiro DosArticleClosed Access
2016Tree Crops on Abandoned Mines for Environmental Remediation and Industrial FeedstockFavas, P.J.C.; Pratas, J.; Chaturvedi, R.; Paul, M.S.; Prasad, M.N.V.Book ChapterClosed Access