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2004Storage affects the phenolic profiles and antioxidant activities of cherries(Prunus avium L) on human low-density lipoproteinsGonçalves, B.; Landbo, Anne-Katrine; Let, Mette; Silva, Ana Paula; Rosa, E.; Meyer, A.S.ArticleRestricted Access
2017Bioremoval of trace metals from rhizosediment by mangrove plants in Indian Sundarban WetlandChowdhury, Ranju; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Jonathan, M.P.; Venkatachalam, Perumal; Raja, P.; Sarkar, Santosh KumarArticleClosed Access
2017Distribution of rare earth elements, thorium and uranium in streams and aquatic mosses of Central PortugalPratas, João; Favas, Paulo J. C.; Varun, Mayank; D’Souza, Rohan; Paul, Manoj S.ArticleClosed Access
2014Side-out influence in high level volleyball skillsJoão, P.V.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Ribeiro, B.; Vaz, L.; Stamm, R.; Pereira, A.F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Analyse of clinical exercise programs in the treatment of clinical depression: randomized controlled trialsCarneiro, Lara S.F.; Fonseca, A.; Vieira Coelho, M.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Vasconcelos-Raposo, JoséConference ObjectOpen Access
2014O RASTREIO DE DESENVOLVIMENTO PSICOMOTOR NA DETEÇÃO PRECOCE DE ATRASOS DE DESENVOLVIMENTO: REVISÃO SISTEMÁTICAAfonso, C.; Bento, T.; Martins, R.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; José Carlos LeitãoConference ObjectOpen Access
2014CARDIORESPIRATORY CAPACITY AND BIOMARKERS OF AGEING IN HUMANS: DNA DAMAGE, DNA REPAIR CAPACITY, LIPID PEROXIDATION AND ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITYSoares, Jorge Pinto; Santos, Z.; Pereira, A.F.; Veloso, E; Benevides, J.; Oliveira, M.M.; Gaivão, I.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daConference ObjectClosed Access
2014TO WHAT EXTENT CAN PHYSICAL EXERCISE ATTENUATE AGEING PROCESS?Santos, Z.; Soares, Jorge Pinto; Pereira, A.F.; Andrade, H.; Paixão, R.; Gaivão, Isabel; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daConference ObjectClosed Access
2016Impacts of land use and infrastructural changes on threatened Little Bustard Tetrax tetrax breeding populations: quantitative assessments using a recently developed spatially explicit dynamic modelling frameworkSANTOS, M.; BESSA, R.; CABRAL, J.A.; PACHECO, F.A.L.; LEITÃO, D.; MOREIRA, F.; PINTO, M.; LECOQ, M.; SILVA, J. P.ArticleClosed Access
2014Oxidative stress and aging: the relative role of regular exerciseMota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Soares, Jorge Pinto; Santos, Z.; Pereira, A.F.; João, P.V.; Oliveira, M.M.; Peixoto, F.M.; Gaivão, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access