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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2016The oxygen uptake slow component at submaximal intensities in breaststroke swimmingOliveira, Diogo Roberto; Lio Gonçalves; Reis, António Malvas; Fernandes R; Garrido, Nuno Domingos; Reis, VMArticleClosed Access
2016Inclusion of blood lactate O2 equivalent in the VO2 intensity regression at level and 10.5% grade runningReis, VM; Oliveira, Diogo Roberto; Carneiro, André Luiz; Fernandes, Helder Miguel; Scott CBArticleClosed Access
2016Comparison of the world and european records in the 100m dash by a quasi-physical modelBarbosa, Tiago; Pedro Forte; Marinho, Daniel; Reis, VMArticleClosed Access
2016Impact of a community -based exercise programme on physical fitness in middle -aged and older patients with type 2 diabetesMendes, Romeu; Sousa, Nelson; Barata JT; Reis, VMArticleClosed Access
2011Influência dos exercícios aeróbio e resistido sobre perfil hemodinâmico e lipídico em idosas hipertensasReis, VM; Mazini Filho ML; Aidar, F.J.; Bernardo Rodrigues; Gabriela Venturini; Marco Polito; De Matos, D.G.ArticleClosed Access
2013Influence of exercise order on blood pressure and heart rate variability after a strength training sessionFigueiredo, T.; Menezes, P.; Kattenbraker MS; Marco Polito; Reis, VM; Simão, R.ArticleClosed Access
2010The use of computational fluid Dynamics in swimming researchMarinho DA; Reis, VM; Alves FB; Vilas-Boas, J.P.; Machado, L.; Rouboa, A.I.; Silva, António JoséArticleClosed Access
2011Características antropométricas de jogadores de Futebol profissional de Minas Gerais: comparações entre as diferentes posiçõesFlamarion Ribeiro; Gama De Matos, D.; Aidar, F.J.; Beltrão de Matos, Jose Arlen; Marins JB; Silva, A. J.; Reis, VMArticleClosed Access
2014Physiological adaptations to interval and contiuous running at low volume and vigorous intensity over 14 weeksReis, VM; Garay, L.; Rhea M; Novaes JS; Tony SantosArticleClosed Access
2013Maximal Oxygen Deficit And Race Performance In Portuguese Elite Middle Distance RunnersReis, VM; Francisco Alves; Bernardo Manuel; Joana Reis; Verônica VleckArticleClosed Access