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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2011Management of chestnut plantations for a multifunctional land use under Mediterranean conditions: effects on productivity and sustainabilityMartins , Afonso; Marques, Guilhermina Miguel Da Silva; Borges, Olga; Portela, Ester; Lousada, José; Raimundo, Fernando Pedro Falcão; Madeira, ManuelArticleOpen Access
2011Boron application on a chestnut orchard: effect on yield and quality of nutsPortela, Ester; Louzada, JoséArticleOpen Access
2011Variables del juego que mejor discriminan la victoria y la derrota en los partidos igualados de rugbyVAZ, L.; Carreras, David; Mouchet, AlainArticleRestricted Access
2011The importance of rugby game-related statistics to discriminate winners and losers at the elite level competitions in close and balanced gamesVaz, Luis; Mouchet, Alain; Carreras, David; Morente, HonoratoArticleRestricted Access
2011Influência dos exercícios aeróbio e resistido sobre perfil hemodinâmico e lipídico em idosas hipertensasReis, VM; Mazini Filho ML; Aidar, F.J.; Bernardo Rodrigues; Gabriela Venturini; Marco Polito; De Matos, D.G.ArticleClosed Access
2011Analysis of wind velocity and release angle effects on discus throw using computational fluid dynamicsRouboa, Abel I.; Reis, Victor M.; Mantha, Vishveshwar R.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Silva, António J.ArticleRestricted Access
2011The influence of the level of physical activity and human development in the quality of life in survivors of strokeAidar, Felipe J; de Oliveira, Ricardo J; Silva, António J; de Matos, Dihogo G; Carneiro, André L; Garrido, Nuno; Hickner, Robert C; Reis, Victor MArticleRestricted Access
2011The Use of Stochastic Models as a Management Tool in a Shallow Temperate Estuary of South Europe (Mondego, Portugal). Chapter 5.Silva-Santos, Pedro; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Múria, Tiago; Medeiros, Joana; Cardoso, Patricia; Dolbeth, Mariana; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo; Cabral, João AlexandreBook ChapterClosed Access
2011A Systematic Review of the Effects of Pilates Method of Exercise in Healthy PeopleCruz-Ferreira, Ana; Fernandes, Jorge; Laranjo, Luis; Bernardo, Lisa M.; Silva, AntónioArticleRestricted Access
2011VO2 Kinetics in 200-m Race-Pace Front Crawl Swimming.Sousa, A. C.; Figueiredo, P.; Oliveira, N. L.; Oliveira, J.; Silva, A. J.; Keskinen, K. L.; Rodríguez, F. A.; Machado, L. J.; Vilas-Boas, J. P.; Fernandes, R. J.ArticleRestricted Access