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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2015Effects of combined physical exercise training on DNA damage and repair capacity: role of oxidative stress changesSoares, Jorge Pinto; Silva, Amélia M.; Oliveira, Maria Manuel; Peixoto, Francisco; Gaivão, Isabel; Mota, Maria PaulaArticleClosed Access
2015Assessment of past and present water quality in closed Mežica Pb-Zn Mine (Slovenia)Doroteja Gosar; Costa, Maria do Rosário Melo; Adelaide Ferreira; S. F. ŠtruclConference ObjectOpen Access
2015Immediate response gain in hand grip strength with acupuncture: an experimental studyMota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daConference ObjectOpen Access
2015Caracterização do dispêndio energético em sessões de exercício físico, com e sem recurso a vídeojogos interativosVasques, C.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Lopes, V.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Efeito do treinamento aeróbio nos níveis de homocisteína em indivíduos diabéticos do tipo 2Silva, Alexandre de Souza e; Lacerda, Fábio; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daArticleClosed Access
2015Influence of weather variables on physical activity assessed by accelerometry across age and gender groupsBento, Teresa; Morgado, Sónia; Leitão, José; Mota, MariaArticleClosed Access
2015Crioterapia como Tratamento de Entorses de Tornozelos de Atletas: Revisão SistemáticaMota, Maria Paula Gonçalves daArticleClosed Access
2015The Functional Test for Agility Performance is a Reliable Quick Decision-Making Test for Skilled Water Polo Players.Tucher G; de Souza Castro FA; da Silva AJ; Garrido NDArticleOpen Access
2015An integrative assessment of environmental degradation of Caveira abandoned mine area (Southern Portugal)EDUARDO F. DA SILVA; Nuno Durães; Paula Reis; Carla Patinha; MATOS, J; Costa, Maria do Rosário MeloArticleOpen Access
2015Chloroplast and nuclear DNA studies in Iberian Peninsula endemic Silene scabriflora subspecies using cpSSR and ISSR markers: Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationshipsFerreira, Vanessa; Castro, Isaura Alberta Oliveira De; Rocha, João; Crespí, António L.; Pinto-Carnide, Olinda; Amich, Francisco; Almeida, Rubim; Carnide, Valdemar PedrosaArticleRestricted Access