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2017Bioremoval of trace metals from rhizosediment by mangrove plants in Indian Sundarban WetlandChowdhury, Ranju; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Jonathan, M.P.; Venkatachalam, Perumal; Raja, P.; Sarkar, Santosh KumarArticleClosed Access
2017Distribution of rare earth elements, thorium and uranium in streams and aquatic mosses of Central PortugalPratas, João; Favas, Paulo J. C.; Varun, Mayank; D’Souza, Rohan; Paul, Manoj S.ArticleClosed Access
2017Accumulation efficiency, genotoxicity and antioxidant defense mechanisms in medicinal plant Acalypha indica L. under lead stressVenkatachalam, Perumal; Jayalakshmi, Narayanan; Geetha, Natesan; Sahi, Shivendra V.; Sharma, Nilesh C.; Rene, Eldon R.; Sarkar, Santosh K.; Favas, Paulo J.C.ArticleClosed Access
2017A spatial explicit agent based model approach to evaluate the performance of different monitoring options for mortality estimates in the scope of onshore windfarm impact assessmentsSantos, Mário Gabriel Santiago dos; Bastos, Rita; Ferreira, Daniel; Santos, Andreia; Barros, Paulo; Travassos, Paulo; Carvalho, Diogo; Gomes, Carla; Gonçalves, Hélia Marisa Vale; Braz, Luís; Morinha, Francisco; Cardoso, Maria das Neves Paiva; Hughes, Samantha Jane; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2017Liming and application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium,and boron on a young plantation of chestnutArrobas, Margarida; AFONSO, Sandra; Ferreira, Isabel Q.; Moutinho-Pereira, José; Correia, Carlos M.; Rodrigues, M. ÂngeloArticleOpen Access
2017Air ventilation effects during the stationary roller bicycle testBrito, J; Costa, Aldo Matos; Bento, P; Garrido, N D; Reis, V M; Conceição, A. T.; Louro, H DArticleOpen Access
2017Creatine Kinase and Lactate Dehydrogenase Responses After Different Resistance and Aerobic Exercise ProtocolsCallegari, Gustavo A.; Novaes, Jefferson S.; Neto, Gabriel R.; Dias, Ingrid; Garrido, Nuno D; Dani, CarolineArticleOpen Access
2017Long-term sustainability of cork oak agro-forests in the Iberian Peninsula: A model-based approach aimed at supporting the best management options for the montado conservationArosa, M.L.; Bastos, R.; Cabral, J.A.; Freitas, H.; Costa, S.R.; Santos, M.ArticleClosed Access
2017Does the composition of Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera) communities reflect the extent of land use changes in the Brazilian Amazon?Cajaiba, R.L.; Péricoa, E.; Dalzochioa, M.S.; Silva, W.B.; Bastos, R.; Cabral, J.A.; Santos, M.ArticleClosed Access
19-Dec-2017Acute effect of simultaneous execution execution of two resistance traini8ng exercises on blood pr4essure, during and after sessionNorte, Marco Rúben Tomé doMaster ThesisOpen Access