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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2012Portuguese adults' physical activity during different periods of the yearBento, Teresa Cunha; Romero, Félix; Leitão, José Carlos; Mota, Maria PaulaArticleClosed Access
2012Aerobic training does not alter blood pressure in menopausal women with metabolic syndromeLima, A.H.R.A.; Couto, H.E.; Cardoso, G.A.; Toscano, L.T.; Silva, A.S.; Mota, M.P.G.ArticleClosed Access
2012Use of accelerometry to measure physical activity in adults and the elderlyBento, T.; Cortinhas, A.; Leitão, J.C.; Mota, M.P.ArticleClosed Access
2015Effects of combined physical exercise training on DNA damage and repair capacity: role of oxidative stress changesSoares, Jorge Pinto; Silva, Amélia M.; Oliveira, Maria Manuel; Peixoto, Francisco; Gaivão, Isabel; Mota, Maria PaulaArticleClosed Access
2013Age-related increases in human lymphocyte DNA damage: is there a role of aerobic fitness?Soares, Jorge Pinto; Mota, Maria Paula; Duarte, José Alberto; Collins, Andrew; Gaivão, IsabelArticleClosed Access
2014Aging and DNA damage in humans: a meta-analysis studySoares, Jorge Pinto; Cortinhas, António; Bento, Teresa; Leitão, José Carlos; Collins, Andrew R.; Gaivão, Isabel; Mota, Maria PaulaArticleClosed Access
2016Impact of physical exercise on catechol-O-methyltransferase activity in depressive patients: A preliminary communicationCarneiro, Lara S.F.; Fonseca, António Manuel; Serrão, Paula; Mota, Maria Paula; Vasconcelos-Raposo, José; Vieira-Coelho, Maria AugustaArticleClosed Access
2014Side-out influence in high level volleyball skillsJoão, P.V.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Ribeiro, B.; Vaz, L.; Stamm, R.; Pereira, A.F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Analyse of clinical exercise programs in the treatment of clinical depression: randomized controlled trialsCarneiro, Lara S.F.; Fonseca, A.; Vieira Coelho, M.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; Vasconcelos-Raposo, JoséConference ObjectOpen Access
2014O RASTREIO DE DESENVOLVIMENTO PSICOMOTOR NA DETEÇÃO PRECOCE DE ATRASOS DE DESENVOLVIMENTO: REVISÃO SISTEMÁTICAAfonso, C.; Bento, T.; Martins, R.; Mota, Maria Paula Gonçalves da; José Carlos LeitãoConference ObjectOpen Access