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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2015Cluster stability as a new method to assess changes in performance and its determinant factors over a season in young swimmersSilva, António José Rocha Martins da; Morais, Jorge; Marinho, Daniel; Seifert, Ludovic; Barbosa, TiagoArticleOpen Access
2015Classifying youth rugby union players by training performancesVAZ, L.; Figueira, Bruno Emanuel Nogueira; Gonçalves, Bruno Sérgio VarandaArticleRestricted Access
2016Influence of different small-sided games on physical and physiological demands in rugby union playersVaz, Luís Miguel Teixeira; Gonçalves, Bruno Sérgio Varanda; Figueira, Bruno Emanuel Nogueira; Garcia, Gastón CésarArticleRestricted Access
2013Analysis of International Rugby Sevens matches during tournamentsCarreras, David; Kraak, Wilbur; VAZ, L.ArticleRestricted Access
2016Physical fitness profiles of elite under-19 rugby union players.VAZ, L.; Vasilica, Iancu; Carreras, David; Kraak, Wilbur; Nakamura, FábioArticleRestricted Access
2011Variables del juego que mejor discriminan la victoria y la derrota en los partidos igualados de rugbyVAZ, L.; Carreras, David; Mouchet, AlainArticleRestricted Access
2011The importance of rugby game-related statistics to discriminate winners and losers at the elite level competitions in close and balanced gamesVaz, Luis; Mouchet, Alain; Carreras, David; Morente, HonoratoArticleRestricted Access
2015Comparison of scoring profile and game related statistics of the two finalist during the different stages of the 2011 Rugby WorldVAZ, L.; Vasilica, I.; Kraak, W.; Arrones, L.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Metodologias de ensino na aprendizagem do futsal método analítico ou global.Artur Monteiro; VAZ, L.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Análise do jogo em função do local e do número do set na performance em jogos de voleibol de alto nível.João, P; Paulo Beça; VAZ, L.ArticleRestricted Access