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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
6-May-2016Aging and muscle strength in patients with type 2 diabetes: cross sectional analysisAlmeida, José P.; Almeida, António; Alves, Josiane; Sousa, Nelson; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Mendes, RomeuConference ObjectOpen Access
2017Gender inequalities in Portuguese gymnasts between 2012 and 2016Silva, M.-R.G.; Santos-Rocha, R.; Barata, P.; Saavedra, Francisco José FélixArticleOpen Access
Jan-2017Profile of practitioners of supervised physical exercise in the southern region of BrazilWelter, Diego Limberger; Neves, Eduardo Borba; Saavedra, Francisco José FélixArticleOpen Access
2018The Influence Weekly Resistance Training Frequency on Strength and Body CompositionSerra, Rhodes; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Jotta, BrunoArticleOpen Access
2017Influence of aquatic exercises in physical condition in patients with multiple sclerosis.Saavedra, Francisco José FélixArticleOpen Access
10-Apr-2015Psychophysiological responses to salsa danceGuidetti, Laura; Buzzachera, Cosme Franklim; Emerenziani, Gian Pietro; Meucci, Marco; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Gallotta, Maria Chiara; Baldari, Carlo; Earnest, Conrad P.ArticleOpen Access
26-Dec-2016Polimorfismo genético I/D da enzima conversora de angiotensina e perfil dermatoglífico de atletas brasileiras de ginástica rítmicaZanini, Daniela; Saavedra, Francisco José FélixBook ChapterOpen Access
Sep-2017The Influence of a personal trainer on self-selected loading during resistance exerciseDias, Marcelo Ricardo C.; Simao, Roberto; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Ratamess, Nicholas A.ArticleOpen Access
2015Comparing Consumption Oxygen During and After Squat Exercise in Smith Machine and Whole-Body VibrationAna Justo; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Alves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Claudio Rosa; Eduardo Borba Neves; Reis, Victor MachadoArticleClosed Access
2010Seasonal Variation of Steps Taken by a Portuguese Adult Population - a Pilot StudyBento, Teresa; Leitão, José C.; Moreira, Helena; Abrantes, Catarina; Saavedra, Francisco José Félix; Mota, Maria P.Conference ObjectClosed Access