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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2007Slow component of VO2 during level and uphill treadmill running: relationship to aerobic fitness in endurance runners.VIctor Machado Reis; Laura Guidetti; José A. Duarte; António Ascensão; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; António Jaime da Eira Sampaio; A. P. Russel; Carlo BaldariArticleRestricted Access
2007Evidence for Higher Heritability of Somatotype Compared to Body Mass Index in Female TwinsReis, Victor Machado; Machado, João V.; Fortes, Marcos S.; Fernandes, Paula Roquetti; Silva, António José; Dantas, Paulo Silva; Filho, José FernandesArticleRestricted Access
2009Association between ACE D allele and elite short distance swimmingCosta, Aldo Matos; Silva, António José; Garrido, Nuno Domingos; Louro, Hugo; Oliveira, Ricardo Jacó; Breitenfeld, LuizaArticleRestricted Access
2009Changes In Critical Velocity and Critical Stroke Rate During a 12 Week Swimming Training period: a case study.Daniel Almeida Marinho; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; VIctor Machado Reis; Aldo Manuel Costa; João P. Brito; Ricardo Ferraz; Mário C. MarquesArticleRestricted Access
2008The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in swimming research.Daniel Almeida Marinho; VIctor Machado Reis; Silva, António José Rocha mArtins da; João Paulo Vilas-Boas; Leandro Machado; Abel Rouboa; Francisco AlvesArticleRestricted Access
2009Accuracy, reliability, linearity of Accutrend and Lactate Pro versus EBIO plus analyzerBaldari, Carlo; Bonavolontà, Valerio; Emerenziani, Gian Pietro; Gallotta, Maria Chiara; Silva, Antonio José; Guidetti, LauraArticleRestricted Access
2008Analysis of drafting effects in swimming using computational fluid dynamicsSilva, António José Rocha mArtins da; Abel Rouboa; António Moreira; VIctor Machado Reis; Francisco Alves; João Paulo Vilas-Boas; Daniel Almeida MarinhoArticleRestricted Access