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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2015Exercise prescription for patients with type 2 diabetes—a synthesis of international recommendations: narrative review: Table 1Mendes, Romeu; Sousa, Nelson; Almeida, António; Subtil, Paulo; Guedes-Marques, Fernando; Reis, Victor Machado; Themudo-Barata, José LuísArticleClosed Access
2011Comparison of Physiological and Perceptual Responses Between Continuous and Intermittent CyclingBrasil, Roxana; Barreto, Ana; Nogueira, Leandro; Santos, Edil; Novaes, Jefferson; Reis, Victor Manuel Machado de Ribeiro dosArticleClosed Access
2011Energy Cost of Resistance Exercises: an UptadeReis, Victor Manuel Machado de Ribeiro dos; Júnior, Roberto; Zajac, Adam; Oliveira, DiogoArticleClosed Access
2010Treino Intervalado Extensivo: comparação entre a corrida em plano horizontal e em plano inclinadoAlves, José Manuel Vilaça Maio; Reis, Victor Machado; Azevedo, N.ArticleClosed Access
2011The influence of the level of physical activity and human development in the quality of life in survivors of strokeAidar, Felipe J; de Oliveira, Ricardo J; Silva, António J; de Matos, Dihogo G; Carneiro, André L; Garrido, Nuno; Hickner, Robert C; Reis, Victor MArticleRestricted Access
2010Energetics and biomechanics as determining factors of swimming performance: Updating the state of the artBarbosa, Tiago M.; Bragada, José A.; Reis, Víctor M.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Carvalho, Carlos; Silva, António J.ArticleRestricted Access
2011Analysis of wind velocity and release angle effects on discus throw using computational fluid dynamicsRouboa, Abel I.; Reis, Victor M.; Mantha, Vishveshwar R.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Silva, António J.ArticleRestricted Access
2010Kinematical changes in swimming front Crawl and Breaststroke with the AquaTrainer® snorkelBarbosa, Tiago; Silva, António José Rocha Martins da; Reis, António Malvas; Costa, Mário J.; Garrido, Nuno; Policarpo, Fernando; Reis, Víctor MachadoArticleRestricted Access
2010Design of a three-dimensional hand/forearm model to apply computational fluid dynamicsMarinho, Daniel Almeida; Reis, Victor Machado; Vilas-Boas, João Paulo; Alves, Francisco Bessone; Machado, Leandro; Rouboa, Abel Ilah; Silva, António JoséArticleRestricted Access
2012Análise dos parâmetros cinemáticos determinantes do desempenho na prova de 200 m nado livreFerreira, Maria Inês; Silva, António José; Oliveira, Diogo Roberto de; Garrido, Nuno Domingos; Barbosa, Tiago; Marinho, Daniel Almeida; Reis, Victor MachadoArticleRestricted Access