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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2019Effect of soil mineralogy on potassium fixation in soils developed on different parent materialPortela, Ester; Monteiro, Fernando; Fonseca, Madalena; Abreu, Maria ManuelaArticleOpen Access
2018How informative is the response of Ground Beetles' (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages to anthropogenic land use changes? Insights for ecological status assessments from a case study in the NeotropicsCajaiba, Reinaldo Lucas; Périco, Eduardo; Silva, Wully Barreto da; Vieira, Thiago Bernadi; Dalzochio, Marina Schmidt; Bastos, Rita; Cabral, João Alexandre Ferreira Abel Dos ...; Santos, Mario Gabriel Santiago DosArticleOpen Access
Sep-2017Attraction of Scarabaeinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) to different baits in the Brazilian Amazon region,Atracción de Scarabaeinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) por diferentes cebos en la región Amazónica BrasileñaCajaiba, Reinaldo L.; Périco, Eduardo; Silva, Wully B. da; Santos, Mario Gabriel Santiago DosArticleOpen Access
2016Do the passerine traits’ dynamic patterns indicate the ecological status of agro-forestry ecosystems? A modelling approach for “Montado¿? management assessmentsMulatu, Tilahun; Bastos, Rita; Santos, Mario Gabriel Santiago Dos; Sousa, José Paulo; Silva, Pedro Martins da; Cabral, João Alexandre Ferreira Abel Dos ...ArticleOpen Access
1993Potassium supplying capacity of northeastern Portuguese soilsPortela, EsterArticleOpen Access
2011Boron application on a chestnut orchard: effect on yield and quality of nutsPortela, Ester; Louzada, JoséArticleOpen Access
2012Early diagnosis of boron deficiency in chestnutPortela, Ester; Louzada, JoséArticleOpen Access
2007Deficiências de magnésio em solos e culturas do norte de PortugalPortela, Ester; Louzada, JoséArticleOpen Access
2017Liming and application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium,and boron on a young plantation of chestnutArrobas, Margarida; AFONSO, Sandra; Ferreira, Isabel Q.; Moutinho-Pereira, José; Correia, Carlos M.; Rodrigues, M. ÂngeloArticleOpen Access
2017Dynamic models in research and management of biological invasionsBuchadas, Ana; Vaz, Ana Sofia; Honrado, João P.; Alagador, Diogo; Bastos, Rita; Cabral, João A.; Santos, Mário; Vicente, Joana R.ArticleClosed Access
2017A spatially-explicit dynamic modelling framework to assess habitat suitability for endangered species: The case of Red-billed Chough under land use change scenarios in PortugalMorinha, Francisco; Bastos, Rita; Carvalho, Diogo; Travassos, Paulo; Santos, Mário; Blanco, Guillermo; Bastos, Estela; Cabral, João A.ArticleClosed Access
2017A modelling framework to predict bat activity patterns on wind farms: An outline of possible applications on mountain ridges of North PortugalCarmen Silva; Mário SantosArticleClosed Access
2017Long-term sustainability of cork oak agro-forests in the Iberian Peninsula: A model-based approach aimed at supporting the best management options for the montado conservationArosa, M.L.; Bastos, R.; Cabral, J.A.; Freitas, H.; Costa, S.R.; Santos, M.ArticleClosed Access
2017Does the composition of Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera) communities reflect the extent of land use changes in the Brazilian Amazon?Cajaiba, R.L.; Péricoa, E.; Dalzochioa, M.S.; Silva, W.B.; Bastos, R.; Cabral, J.A.; Santos, M.ArticleClosed Access
2016Impacts of land use and infrastructural changes on threatened Little Bustard Tetrax tetrax breeding populations: quantitative assessments using a recently developed spatially explicit dynamic modelling frameworkSANTOS, M.; BESSA, R.; CABRAL, J.A.; PACHECO, F.A.L.; LEITÃO, D.; MOREIRA, F.; PINTO, M.; LECOQ, M.; SILVA, J. P.ArticleClosed Access
2016Do the passerine traits dynamic patterns indicate the ecological status of agro-forestry ecosystems? A modelling approach for Montado management assessmentsMulatu, T.; Bastos, R.; Santos, M.; Sousa, J.P.; da Silva, P.M.; Cabral, J.A.ArticleClosed Access
2016A stochastic dynamic model to assess land use change scenarios on the ecological status of fluvial water bodies under the Water Framework DirectiveHughes, S.J.; Cabral, J.A.; Bastos, R.; Cortes, R.; Vicente, J.; Eitelberg, D.; Yu, H.; Honrado, J.; Santos, M.ArticleClosed Access
2016A multi-scale looping approach to predict spatially dynamic patterns of functional species richness in changing landscapesBastos, Rita; D’Amen, Manuela; Vicente, Joana; Santos, Mário Gabriel Santiago dos; Yud, Huirong; Eitelberg, David; Gonçalves, João; Civantos, Emilio; Honrado, João; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2017A spatial explicit agent based model approach to evaluate the performance of different monitoring options for mortality estimates in the scope of onshore windfarm impact assessmentsSantos, Mário Gabriel Santiago dos; Bastos, Rita; Ferreira, Daniel; Santos, Andreia; Barros, Paulo; Travassos, Paulo; Carvalho, Diogo; Gomes, Carla; Gonçalves, Hélia Marisa Vale; Braz, Luís; Morinha, Francisco; Cardoso, Maria das Neves Paiva; Hughes, Samantha Jane; Cabral, João AlexandreArticleClosed Access
2015Assessment of Boron Application in Chestnuts: Nut Yield and QualityPortela, Ester; Ferreira-Cardoso, Jorge; Louzada, José; Gomes-Laranjo, JoséArticleOpen Access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94