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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2016Uranium accumulation in aquatic macrophytes in an uraniferous region: Relevance to natural attenuationCordeiro, Cristina; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Pratas, João; Sarkar, Santosh Kumar; Venkatachalam, PerumalArticleClosed Access
2016Assessment of physicochemical characteristics and the level of nutrient contents as well as heavy metal ions in waters of three lakes at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, IndiaManikandan, R.; Ezhili, N.; Muthulakshmiandal, N.; Favas, P. J. C.; Venkatachalam, P.ArticleOpen Access
2015Assessment of mercury heavy metal toxicity-induced physiochemical and molecular changes in Sesbania grandiflora L.Malar, S.; Sahi, S. V.; Favas, P. J. C.; Venkatachalam, P.ArticleClosed Access
2015Geochemical Fractionation of Trace Elements in Stream Sediments Contaminated by Mining ActivityFavas, Paulo J. C.; Sarkar, Santosh Kumar; Rakshit, DibyenduArticleClosed Access
2014Urânio em solos, águas e plantas da antiga mina de Sevilha, Tábua, Centro de PortugalFavas, P. J. C.; Pratas, J.ArticleClosed Access
2017Identification of Sesbania sesban (L.) Merr. as an Efficient and Well Adapted Phytoremediation Tool for Cd Polluted SoilsVarun, Mayank; Ogunkunle, Clement O.; D’Souza, Rohan; Favas, Paulo; Paul, ManojArticleClosed Access
2015Nickel accumulation by Alyssum serpyllifolium subsp. lusitanicum (Brassicaceae) from serpentine soils of Bragança and Morais (Portugal) ultramafic massifs: plant-soil relationships and prospects for phytominingMorais, I.; Campos, J. S.; Favas, P. J. C.; Pratas, J.; Pita, F.; Prasad, M. N. V.ArticleClosed Access
2015Accumulation of trace metals by mangrove plants in Indian Sundarban Wetland: Prospects for PhytoremediationChowdhury, Ranju; Favas, Paulo J. C.; Pratas, J.; Jonathan, M. P.; Ganesh, P. Sankar; Sarkar, Santosh KumarArticleClosed Access
2014Metais pesados em solos e vegetação espontânea da área de uma mina de chumbo, mina de Barbadalhos, Centro de PortugalPratas, J.; Favas, P. J. C.; D’Souza, Rohan; Varun, Mayank; Paul, Manoj S.ArticleClosed Access
2015Mercury heavy-metal-induced physiochemical changes and genotoxic alterations in water hyacinths [Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.)]Malar, Srinivasan; Sahi, Shivendra Vikram; Favas, Paulo J. C.; Venkatachalam, PerumalArticleClosed Access