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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2012Potential use of heather to control gastrointestinal nematodes in goatsMoreno-Gonzalo, J.; Ferre, I.; Celaya, R.; Frutos, P.; Ferreira, L.M.M.; Hervás, G.; García, U.; Ortega-Mora, L.M.; Osoro, K.ArticleRestricted Access
2010Evaluation of very long-chain fatty acids and n-alkane epicuticular compounds as markers for estimating diet composition of sheep fed heathland vegetation speciesFerreira, L.M.M.; Celaya, R.; Falco, V.; Oliván, M.; Santos, A.S.; Guedes, C.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access
2013Foraging behaviour of domestic herbivore species grazing on heathlands associated with improved pasture areasFerreira, Luis Miguel M.; Celaya, Rafael; Benavides, Raquel; Jáuregui, Berta M.; García, Urcesino; Sofia Santos, Ana; Rosa García, Rocío; Rodrigues, Miguel António M.; Osoro, KoldoArticleRestricted Access
2013Diet selection and performance of sheep and goats grazing on different heathland vegetation typesOSORO, K; Ferreira, L.M.M.; García, U.; Jáuregui, B.M.; Martínez, A.; Rosa García, R.; CELAYA, RArticleRestricted Access
2008Grazing behaviour and performance of lactating suckler cows, ewes and goats on partially improved heathlandsCelaya, R.; Benavides, R.; García, U.; Ferreira, L. M. M.; Ferre, I.; Martínez, A.; Ortega-Mora, L. M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access
2011The utilization of long-chain fatty acids as markers for diet composition estimates in ruminants: effects of animal species, diet composition and marker combinationFerreira, L. M. M.; Celaya, R.; Santos, A. S.; Falco, V.; Guedes, C.; Rodrigues, M. A. M.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access
2008Is the anthelmintic effect of heather supplementation to grazing goats always accompanied by antinutritional effects?Frutos, P.; Moreno-Gonzalo, J.; Hervás, G.; García, U.; Ferreira, L. M. M.; Celaya, R.; Toral, P. G.; Ortega-Mora, L. M.; Ferre, I.; Osoro, K.ArticleClosed Access