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Title: From Sugar of Grape to Alcohol of Wine: Sensorial Impact of Alcohol in Wine
Authors: Jordão, António M.
Vilela, Alice
Cosme, Fernanda
Keywords: alcohol content
alcohol reduction technologies
sensory perception
sugar accumulation
Issue Date: 2-Nov-2015
Publisher: Beverages
Citation: From Sugar of Grape to Alcohol of Wine: Sensorial Impact of Alcohol in Wine
Abstract: The quality of grapes, as well as wine quality, flavor, stability, and sensorial characteristics depends on the content and composition of several different groups of compounds from grapes. One of these groups of compounds are sugars and consequently the alcohol content quantified in wines after alcoholic fermentation. During grape berry ripening, sucrose transported from the leaves is accumulated in the berry vacuoles as glucose and fructose. The wine alcohol content continues to be a challenge in oenology, as it is also the study of the role of chemosensory factors in alcohol intake and consumer preferences. Several technical and scientific advances have occurred in recent years, such as identification of receptors and other important molecules involved in the transduction mechanisms of flavor. In addition, consumers know that wines with high alcohol content can causes a gustatory disequilibrium affecting wine sensory perceptions leading to unbalanced wines. Hence, the object of this review is to enhance the knowledge on wine grape sugar composition, the alcohol perception on a sensorial level, as well as several technological practices that can be applied to reduce the wine alcohol content.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISSN: ISSN 2306-5710
Document Type: Article
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