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Title: Recruitment, selection and training of a sensory panel for Vinho Verde organoleptic evaluation
Authors: Marques, Catarina
Correia, Elisete
Vilela, Alice
Keywords: Vinho Verde
sensorial analysis
panelists recruitment and selection
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2016
Abstract: The white wines of Vinho verde region are characterized by high acidity and high alcohol, being appreciated by their aromatic potential, mainly fruity and floral. Among the set of recommended varieties for Vinho Verde production, there are varieties like Alvarinho, Arinto and Loureiro, which lead to great quality varietal wines and unique aromatic characteristics. Through sensory analysis, we can study the aromatic potential of these three varieties. This science allows us to evaluate the characteristics of these three varieties, using the human senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste). This tool has been applied in many food and drinking companies, given the potential in consumers and markets preferences, resulting in the product improvement quality. Thus, this study aimed to select and train a group of people, potential panelists, for Vinho Verde wine tasting in Aveleda S.A. company. The recruitment of candidates involved sending a questionnaire with questions of interest to the study. After recruitment, training sessions were developed to make it possible to select the candidates, able to belong to a panel of tasters. These sessions were based on a first contact of candidates with solutions and products that would be tasted in a later stage of the study. Some standard sensory analysis tests were used: identification test, threshold test, ranking test and triangular test. At the end of the training sessions, of the 36 candidates recruited, only 11 (9 men and 2 women) were selected, making now part of the Aveleda S.A. company's tasting Panel.
Document Type: Conference Object
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