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Título: Fundamentals of a Wiman Valiron theory for polymonogenic functions
Autor: Kraußhar, Soeren
De Almeida, Regina
Palavras-chave: Wiman-Valiron theory
polymonogenic functions
growth orders
Data: 28-Ago-2015
Editora: Klaus Gürlebeck, Tom Lahmer
Citação: Kraußhar,RS Almeida,R Fundamentals of a Wiman Valiron theory for polymonogenic functions, IKM 2015, Weimar, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on the Applications of Computer Science and Mathematics in Architecture and Civil Engineering , 123-128, Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar, 20 a 22 de julho de 2015
Resumo: In this paper we present some rudiments of a generalized Wiman-Valiron theory in the context of polymonogenic functions. In particular, we analyze the relations between different notions of growth orders and the Taylor coefficients. Our main intention is to look for generalizations of the Lindelof-Pringsheim theorem. In contrast to the classical holomorphic and the monogenic setting we only obtain inequality relations in the polymonogenic setting. This is due to the fact that the Almansi-Fischer decomposition of a polymonogenic function consists of different monogenic component functions where each of them can have a totally different kind of asymptotic growth behavior.
Revisão por Pares: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10348/6831
ISSN: 1611-4086
metadata.dc.relation.publisherversion: https://e-pub.uni-weimar.de/opus4/frontdoor/index/index/year/2015/docId/2451
Tipo de Documento: Objecto de Conferência
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