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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2013Demo: Multi-user virtual world simulator of F-16 aircraft engine mechanical maintenanceFernandes, Paulo; Pinheiro, Andre; Cruz, Goncalo; Maia, Ana Margarida; Morgado, Leonel; Martins, Paulo; Paredes, Hugo; Fonseca, Benjamim; Bernardino Lopes, J.; Cravino, JoseConference ObjectClosed Access
2012Towards an Overarching Classification Model of CSCW and Groupware: A Socio-technical PerspectiveCruz, Armando; Correia, António; Paredes, Hugo; Fonseca, Benjamim; Morgado, Leonel; Martins, PauloConference ObjectClosed Access
2013Designing User Learning Experience in Virtual Worlds: The Young Europeans for Democracy Serious ApplicationCruz, Gonçalo; Maia, Ana; Morgado, Leonel; Fonseca, Benjamim; Paredes, Hugo; Bessa, Fernando; Rodrigues, Clara; Martins, PauloConference ObjectRestricted Access
2009SAGA reloaded: Towards a generic platform for developing cooperative applicationsFonseca, Benjamim; Paredes, Hugo; Sousa, Joao Paulo; Martins, F. Mario; Carrapatoso, EuricoArticleOpen Access
2012Development of a Mechanical Maintenance Training Simulator in OpenSimulator for F-16 Aircraft EnginesPinheiro, André; Fernandes, Paulo; Maia, Ana; Cruz, Gonçalo; Pedrosa, Daniela; Fonseca, Benjamim; Paredes, Hugo; Martins, Paulo; Morgado, Leonel; Rafael, JorgeArticleClosed Access
2012Social networks, microblogging, virtual worlds, and Web 2.0 in the teaching of programing techniques for software engineering: a trial combining collaboration and social interaction beyond collegeMorgado, Leonel; Fonseca, Benjamim; Martins, Paulo; Paredes, Hugo; Cruz, Gonçalo; Maia, Ana Margarida; Nunes, Ricardo; Santos, ArnaldoArticleRestricted Access
2011A Software Architecture for Collaborative Training in Virtual Worlds: F-16 Airplane Engine MaintenanceFonseca, Benjamim; Paredes, Hugo; Rafael, Jorge; Morgado, Leonel; Martins, PauloConference ObjectOpen Access
2012Development of platform-independent multi-user choreographies for virtual worlds based on ontology combination and mappingSilva, Emanuel; Silva, Nuno; Paredes, Hugo; Martins, Paulo; Fonseca, Benjamim; Morgado, LeonelConference ObjectClosed Access
2012PLAYER – a European Project and a Game to Foster Entrepreneurship Education for Young PeopleFonseca, Benjamim; Morgado, Leonel; Paredes, Hugo; Martins, Paulo; Gonçalves, Ramiro; Neves, Pedro; Nunes, Ricardo; Lima, Jorge; Varajão, João; Pereira, Ângela; Sanders, Robert; Barracho, Vera; Lapajne, Urban; Rus, Matej; Rahe, Martin; Mostert, Andre; Klein, Thorsten; Bojovic, Viktorija; Bosnak, Sasa; Bosnak, Zita; Carvalho, João; Duarte, Isabel; Casaramona, Andreana; Soraci, AlbertoArticleOpen Access
2012PLAYER – A European Challenge Game to Discover Young EntrepreneursNeves, Pedro; Nunes, Ricardo; Lima, Jorge; Martins, Paulo; Paredes, Hugo; Varajão, João; Morgado, Leonel; Gonçalves, Ramiro; Fonseca, Benjamim; Sanders, Robert; Barracho, Vera; Bojovic, Viktorija; Bosnjak, Sasa; Bosnjak, Zita; Soraci, Alberto; Casaramona, Andreana; Lapajne, Urban; Rus, Matej; Rahe, Martin; Cole, Linsey; Mostert, Andre; Klein, Thorsten; Carvalho, João; Duarte, IsabelBook ChapterRestricted Access