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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2010Minimizing the generation of entropy: which sequence of reservoirs to choose?Anacleto, Joaquim; Ferreira, J MArticleRestricted Access
2009Mixed Convection From a Circular Cylinder to Power Law FluidsSoares, A. A.; Anacleto, J.; Caramelo, L.; Ferreira, J. M.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleRestricted Access
2005Kinetics of diffusion-limited reactions with biased diffusion in percolating to compact substratesGonçalves, N.J.; Duarte, J.A.M.S.; Cadilhe, A.ArticleClosed Access
2009When an adiabatic irreversible expansion or compression becomes reversibleAnacleto, Joaquim; Ferreira, J. M.; Soares, A. A.ArticleRestricted Access
2008Identical thermodynamical processes and the generalization of the Clausius inequalityAnacleto, J.; Ferreira, J.M.; Anacleto, A.ArticleRestricted Access
2008Calor e trabalho: são estes conceitos invariantes sob a permuta sistema-vizinhança?Anacleto, Joaquim; Ferreira, José M.ArticleRestricted Access
2004Analytical Study of Drag and Mass Transfer in Creeping Power Law Flow across Tube BanksFerreira, Jose M.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleRestricted Access
2005Flow and Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Crossflow of Non-Newtonian Fluids over a Circular CylinderSoares, A. A.; Ferreira, J. M.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleRestricted Access
2007Effects of Viscous Dissipation on Heat Transfer between an Array of Long Circular Cylinders and Power Law FluidsChhabra, R. P.; Soares, A. A.; Ferreira, J. M.; Caramelo, L.ArticleRestricted Access
2008Surroundings-based and system-based heat and work definitions: Which one is the most suitable?Anacleto, Joaquim; Ferreira, J.M.ArticleRestricted Access