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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2011The two-piston problem revisited: Generalization from reversible to irreversible expansionAnacleto, Joaquim; Anacleto, Joaquim Alberto C.; Ferreira, J. M.ArticleRestricted Access
2011Symmetry of the adiabatic condition in the piston problemAnacleto, Joaquim; Ferreira, J MArticleRestricted Access
2010Effect of temperature-dependent viscosity on forced convection heat transfer from a cylinder in crossflow of power-law fluidsSoares, A. A.; Ferreira, J.M.; Caramelo, L.; Anacleto, J.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleRestricted Access
2012Intrinsic symmetry of Ampère’s circuital law and other educational issuesAnacleto, Joaquim; Almeida, José Manuel M. M. de; Ferreira, J. M.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Ampère–Maxwell law for a conducting wire: a topological perspectiveFERREIRA, J. M.; Anacleto, JoaquimArticleRestricted Access
2013Reply to ‘Comment on “On the Clausius equality and inequality’Anacleto, Joaquim; Pereira, Mário G; FERREIRA, J. M.ArticleRestricted Access
2013Reply to ‘Comment on “Symmetry of the adiabatic condition in the piston problem"Anacleto, Joaquim; FERREIRA, J. M.ArticleClosed Access
2011Dissipative work in thermodynamicsAnacleto, Joaquim; Pereira, Mário G; Ferreira, J MArticleRestricted Access
2010Minimizing the generation of entropy: which sequence of reservoirs to choose?Anacleto, Joaquim; Ferreira, J MArticleRestricted Access
2009Mixed Convection From a Circular Cylinder to Power Law FluidsSoares, A. A.; Anacleto, J.; Caramelo, L.; Ferreira, J. M.; Chhabra, R. P.ArticleRestricted Access