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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2013Exploratory assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in the Sordo River Basin, Northeast of PortugalFraga, C.M; Sanches Fernandes, Luís F.; Pacheco, Fernando António Leal; Reis, C.; Moura, J.P.ArticleClosed Access
2000Impacte de uma mina abandonada na qualidade das águas superficiais: o exemplo das Minas de Vale das Gatas (Sabrosa - Vila Real)Favas, P. J. C.; L.E.N. CondeArticleOpen Access
2012Recognising the value of geoparks in promoting health: An interdisciplinary approachGabriel, R.; Gomes, Maria Elisa Preto; Alencoão, A. M.; Sousa, L.; Leite, M.S.M.; Moreira, H.; Cabecinha, E; Faria, A.; Rosa, EConference ObjectOpen Access
2012Livro de Actas – II Congresso Jovens Investigadores em Geociências, LEG 2012Martins, L.M.O.; Gomes, Maria Elisa Preto; Marques M; Neves, L. J. P. F.; Pereira, A. J. S. C.BookOpen Access
2012Risco radiológico associado a granitos de Amarante e Vila Real.Martins, L.M.O.; Gomes, Maria Elisa Preto; Neves, L. J. P. F.; Pereira, A. J. S. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Hydraulic diffusivity and macrodispersivity calculations embedded in a geographic information systemPacheco, F. A.L.ArticleClosed Access
2012Accumulation of arsenic by aquatic plants in large-scale field conditions: Opportunities for phytoremediation and bioindicationFavas, Paulo J.C.; Pratas, João; Prasad, M.N.V.ArticleClosed Access
2012Extracção mecânica de granitoSantos, J.C.P.; Gonçalves, B.M.M.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Prospecção de granito ornamentalSousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2014Potential of aquatic plants for phytofiltration of uranium-contaminated waters in laboratory conditionsPratas, João; Paulo, Carlos; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Venkatachalam, PerumalArticleRestricted Access