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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
1996Contributions of water-rock interactions to the composition of groundwater in areas with sizeable anthropogenic input. A case study of the waters of the Fundão area, central PortugalPacheco, F.A.L.; Van der Weijden, C. H.ArticleOpen Access
2006Role of fractures in weathering of solid rocks: narrowing the gap between laboratory and field weathering ratesPacheco, Fernando A.L.; Alencoão, Ana M.P.ArticleOpen Access
2012The multivariate statistical structure of DRASTIC modelPacheco, Fernando A.L.; Sanches Fernandes, Luís F.ArticleClosed Access
1997Seasonal Variations on Systems of Triple InfluenceAlencoão, Ana M.P.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
1997Lanscape Changes Caused by the Exploitation of Granite QuarriesSousa, L.M.O.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
2013Hydraulic diffusivity and macrodispersivity calculations embedded in a geographic information systemPacheco, F. A.L.ArticleClosed Access
2013Exploratory assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in the Sordo River Basin, Northeast of PortugalFraga, C.M; Sanches Fernandes, Luís F.; Pacheco, Fernando António Leal; Reis, C.; Moura, J.P.ArticleClosed Access
1998Application of correspondence analysis in the assessment of groundwater chemistryPacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
2003Hydrochemistry, weathering and weathering rates on Madeira islandVan der Weijden, Cornelis H; Pacheco, Fernando A.LArticleOpen Access
2002Mineral weathering rates calculated from spring water data: a case study in an area with intensive agriculture, the Morais Massif, northeast PortugalPacheco, Fernando A.L.; Van der Weijden, Cornelis H.ArticleOpen Access