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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
1997Groundwater in Metamorphic Rocks with Systematic Fractures: Inhomogeneous SystemsPortugal Ferreira, M.R.V.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
1999Filões de quartzo com cassiterite e filões de quartzo com scheelite e cassiterite da região de Rebordelo-Ervedosa-Agrochão, Nordeste de PortugalGomes, M. E. P.ArticleRestricted Access
1991Geochemistry of the granitoid rocks and their minerals from Lixa do Alvão-Alfarela de Jales-Tourencinho (Vila Pouca de Aguiar, northern Portugal)¿NEIVA, A; GOMES, MArticleRestricted Access
1990Contribuição dos encraves no estudo petrogenético dos granitóides de Telões (Vila Pouca de Aguiar)",Gomes, M. E. P.ArticleRestricted Access
1997Lanscape Changes Caused by the Exploitation of Granite QuarriesSousa, L.M.O.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
1997Seasonal Variations on Systems of Triple InfluenceAlencoão, Ana M.P.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
1999Weathering, biomass production and groundwater chemistry in an area of dominant anthropogenic influence, the Chaves-Vila Pouca de Aguiar region, north of PortugalPacheco, F. A. L.; Sousa Oliveira, A.; Van der Weijden, A. J.; Van der Weijden, C. H.ArticleOpen Access
1998Finding the number of natural clusters in groundwater data sets using the concept of equivalence classPacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
1998Application of correspondence analysis in the assessment of groundwater chemistryPacheco, Fernando António LealArticleOpen Access
1999Recuperação paisagística e ambiental de áreas degradadas pela exploração de recursos minerais a céu abertoFavas, P. J. C.ArticleOpen Access