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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2014Effect of lead on phytotoxicity, growth, biochemical alterations and its role on genomic template stability in Sesbania grandiflora: A potential plant for phytoremediationMalar, Srinivasan; Manikandan, Rajendiran; Favas, Paulo J.C.; Vikram Sahi, Shivendra; Venkatachalam, PerumalArticleRestricted Access
2012Pedreiras sujeitas a Avaliação de Impacte AmbientalAfonso, D.S.; Sousa, L.M.O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2014Accumulation of uranium by aquatic plants in field conditions: Prospects for phytoremediationFavas, P. J. C.; J. Pratas; Varun, Mayank; D’Souza, Rohan; Paul, Manoj S.ArticleRestricted Access
2012Caraterização Geoquímica (K, U e Th) e Radiométrica das diferentes litologias da região de Bemposta (NE Portugal)Gomes, Maria Elisa Preto; Martins, L.M.O.; Neves, L. J. P. F.; Pereira, A. J. S. C.OtherClosed Access
2011Selective chemical extraction of heavy metals in tailings and soils contaminated by mining activity: Environmental implicationsFavas, Paulo J.C.; Pratas, João; Gomes, M. Elisa P.; Cala, V.ArticleRestricted Access
Jun-2013The influence of the characteristics of quartz and mineral deterioration on the strength of granitic dimensional stonesSousa, LMOArticleEmbargo Access
2011Combined U–Pb geochronology and Lu–Hf isotope systematics by LAM–ICPMS of zircons from granites and metasedimentary rocks of Carrazeda de Ansiães and Sabugal areas, Portugal, to constrain granite sourcesTeixeira, R.J.S.; Neiva, A.M.R.; Silva, P.B.; Gomes, M.E.P.; Andersen, T.; Ramos, J.M.F.ArticleRestricted Access
2011Hydrochemistry of superficial waters in the Adoria mine area (Northern Portugal): environmental implicationsFavas, Paulo J. C.; Pratas, João; Gomes, M. Elisa P.ArticleRestricted Access
2010Geochemistry of amphibole asbestos from northeastern portugal and its use in monitoring the environmental impact of asbestos from quarryingGomes, M. E. P.; Neiva, A.M.R.; Teixeira, R.J.S.ArticleRestricted Access
2010Perdas de Solo e Risco de Erosão na Bacia Hidrográfica da Ribeira da Meia LéguaCatalão, M.E.C.; Pacheco, Fernando António LealConference ObjectOpen Access