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Title: Reserve Ruby Port wine: alternatives to gelatine protein fining agents
Authors: Cosme, Fernanda
Jorge, Nuno
Vilela, Alice
M. Nunes, Fernando
Keywords: Reserve ruby port wine
Fining agents
plant protein
pea protein
sodium bentonite
Issue Date: 29-May-2017
Publisher: OIV
Abstract: Animal protein fining agents are traditionally used in the wine industry. However, in recent years some allergic problems of these protein fining agents have promoted to search for allergen free alternatives. A possible alternative to animal proteins are plant proteins, in particular, pea protein. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare the effect of gelatine of animal origin (porcine gelatine and fish skin gelatine) with non-allergenic fining agents (association of PVPP, plant protein and silica; pea protein; association of PVPP, calcium bentonite and inert yeast; inert yeast and activated sodium bentonite) on a Reserve Ruby Port Wine chromatic characteristics, phenolic compounds and sensory attributes, at laboratory scale. Colour intensity, hue, coloured anthocyanins and polymeric pigments showed a significant decrease in all fined wines when compared to the unfined wine. The highest decrease in colour intensity, total anthocyanins and polymeric pigments occurred in wines treated with porcine gelatine. The lowest decrease in colour intensity was observed in wines treated with inert yeast, association of PVPP, calcium bentonite and inert yeast and activated sodium bentonite. The most balanced wine and that with the best results on colour intensity was the one treated with association of PVPP, calcium bentonite and inert yeast.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISBN: ISBN: 979-10-91799-77-5
Document Type: Conference Object
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