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Título: Resource efficiency in the built environment: trend analysis of CDW management in Portugal and Europe
Autor: Quintas, Ana Carina Vila Pouca
Orientador: Teixeira, Carlos Afonso De Moura
Palavras-chave: built environment
resource efficiency
construction and demolition waste
Data: 13-Out-2017
Resumo: Resource efficiency means using the Earth's limited resources in a sustainable manner and this is key to securing growth. For that, we need to find new ways in all steps of the value chain to improve resource efficiency and minimise Construction and Demolition waste (CDW), starting from the preplanning stage until the end of the life of buildings and infrastructures. Waste is inadvertently designed into the building and the professionals need to be aware and understand that. This thesis intends to present an overview of resource efficiency focusing on the trends of CDW management in Portugal and other examples across Europe based on the working experience within the construction industry. It is presented a legal framework at European and national level, to understand how environmental awareness is associated with this area. Were addressed issues such as definition, origin and classification of CDW, not always the same in different countries and contexts. This work identified barriers and opportunities, for CDW management in Portugal and highlight best practices, case studies and some practical advice that intends to assist the construction industry in Portugal to achieve higher levels of material resource efficiency related with CDW management. Resource efficiency and sustainability of built environment is undergoing an intense study and Portugal has already good initiatives in place that needs to be reinforce by authorities and engaged by the value chain in construction industry. Resource efficiency can not be a concern just for tomorrow and communication across the supply chain and with all the stakeholders is a key for success that will promote changes and improvements. Construction is a vibrant industry that has been changed and defined new approaches to face the difficulties and overcoming obstacles. New challenges related with efficiency, reducing the amount of raw material been used, increase recycling and reuse of CDW and even improve productivity by reducing time wasted are some of the challenges to be turn in opportunities.
Descrição: Master in Environmental Engineering
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10348/8878
Tipo de Documento: Dissertação de Mestrado
Aparece nas colecções:DENG - Dissertações de Mestrado
TD - Dissertações de Mestrado

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