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Title: Effect of ion exchange resins on white and red wine pH: Impact on wine sensory characteristics
Authors: Borges, Rita
Fernandes, Conceição
Marques, Celeste
Matos, Carlos
Vilela, Alice Maria Correia
Ribeiro, L. Filipe
Nunes, Fernando Hermínio Ferreira Milheiro
Martins, Maria Fernanda Gil Cosme
Keywords: White wine
red wine
ion exchange resins
sensory quality
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2018
Publisher: Divisão de Química dos Alimentos, da Sociedade Portuguesa de Química
Abstract: The pH control during winemaking is a fundamental parameter by their influence on colour, freshness and to achieve wine microbiological stability. The application of ion exchange resins for wine acidification is based on ability of exchanging ions fixed on functional groups, namely by exchanging cations, such as potassium, with hydrogen ions. Nevertheless, there is an important lack of knowledge on the impact of this operation on wine sensory characteristics. Therefore, the aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of cation exchange resins, on wine pH control and to evaluate their impact on wine sensory quality at industrial scale. In this study a white and a red wine, both from the Douro Valley demarcated region, 2015 vintage, were used. The ion exchange resin treated wine was almost 20% from total white wine volume and almost 30% from total red wine volume. The results obtained in the present study indicated that there were no considerable changes in sensory attributes, although a slight improvement in the aroma and taste, as a result of the ion-exchange pH adjustment. Therefore, the application of ion exchange resins process to wine could be an interesting tool for white and red wine pH adjustment, without interfering with wine sensorial quality.
Peer Reviewed: yes
Document Type: Conference Object
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