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Título: Gender, knowledge and motivation for wine purchasing
Autor: Marques, Carlos Duarte Coelho Peixeira
Guia, Ana Teresa Bernardo
Palavras-chave: Gender
Structural equation models
Consumer behaviour
Subjective knowledge
Data: Nov-2018
Resumo: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to verify if the gender effects described in the wine consumer behaviour literature, namely, concerning information search and the motivations to buy, may be explained by the mediating effect of subjective knowledge, taking into consideration that the importance of knowledge in the decision process is gender specific. Design/methodology/approach – A path analysis was modelled with an exogenous variable (gender), a mediating variable (subjective knowledge) and four dependent variables (need for information and three motivational dimensions). The model was assessed with empirical data obtained from a sample of 523 shoppers in large supermarkets in the areas of Lisbon and Oporto, Portugal. Structured interviews were conducted at checkout, collecting information on the relevant variables. Scales measuring the latent variables (knowledge, information and motivation) were previously validated through confirmatory factor analysis in a sample of 217 wine consumers. Findings – Subjective knowledge fully mediates the effects of gender on motivation and information needs. Men think of themselves as more knowledgeable in wines and the mediation effect explains why, compared to women, they use less personal information sources and are more motivated to purchase wine. Practical implications – The authors suggest promotion programmes in large supermarkets focussing on opportunities for wine knowledge development. Originality/value – The study contributes to the literature by introducing and validating an alternative formulation of gender effects on wine shopping, emphasising the role of the purchaser’s perceived or subjective knowledge.
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