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Title: Bicomplex k-Pell Quaternions
Authors: Catarino, Paula Maria Machado Cruz
Keywords: Bicomplex number
k-Pell number
k-Pell quaternion
Bicomplex quaternion; Bicomplex k-Pell quaternion
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Citation: Catarino, P. Comput. Methods Funct. Theory (2019) 19: 65.
Abstract: The aim of this work is to consider the bicomplex k-Pell quaternions and to present some properties involving this sequence, including the Binet-style formulae and the generating functions. Furthermore, Cassini’s identity, Catalan’s identity, and d’Ocagne’s identity for this type of bicomplex quaternions are given, and a different way to find the nth term of this sequence is stated using the determinant of a tridiagonal matrix whose entries are bicomplex k-Pell quaternions.
Peer Reviewed: yes
Document Type: Article
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