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Title: Cultour+. An Erasmus+ strategic partnership on cultural tourism, entrepreneurship education and innovation
Authors: Gómez Ullate, Martín
Perez, Xose Xerardo Pereiro
Keywords: Cultour plus
turismo cultural
rotas culturais
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: -Gómez-Ullate, Martín e Pereiro, Xerardo (2017): “Cultour+. An Erasmus+ strategic partnership on cultural tourism, entrepreneurship education and innovation”, em International Journal of Scientific Management and Tourism, vol. 3, n.°3, pp. 207–242. ISSN: 2386-8570 (online), 2444-0299 (impresso). Online em:
Abstract: CULTOUR+ is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education with the mission of coaching and fostering innovative and creative business ideas in cultural management for pilgrimage and religious cultural and thermal tourism(lodgement services, guiding services, museums, complementary activities to pilgrimage and thermal experiences, souvenirs designing, etc).We will present the innovative character of the project, its agenda and timeline and the first preliminary results of an international survey on pilgrimage and cultural routes in six different European Countries (Caminho Interior Portugues in Portugal, Vía de la Plata in Spain, Via Francigena in Italy, Radom-Jasna Gora in Poland, Krastova Gora in Bulgary, St. Paul’s Footprints in Greece). Questionnaires, field analysis units, protocolsand scenarios will be presented in their general and more detailed traitsfrom an interdisciplinary approach. Management aspects will be discussed as well as roadmaps for future actions.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISSN: ISSN: 2386-8570 (online), 2444-0299 (impresso).
Document Type: Article
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