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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2008In vivo rabbit carcass composition and longissimus dorsi muscle vol-ume prediction by real time ultrasonography.Silva, S.R; Mourão, J.L; Guedes, C.M; Pio, A; Pinheiro, V.MConference ObjectOpen Access
2007Influence of Toyocerin (Bacillus cereus var. Toyoi) on the breeding performances of primiparous rabbit doesPinheiro, Victor; Mourão, José Luís; Jimenez, G.ArticleClosed Access
2011Laboratory limits on dermatophyte diagnosis in rabbits with clinical lesionsCoelho, A.C; Pinto, M.L; Coelho, A.M; Fontes, M.C; Mourão, J.L; Pinheiro V.MArticleClosed Access
2008Laboratory limits on dermatophyte diagnosis in rabbits with clinical lesions.Coelho, A.C; Pinto, M.L; Coelho, A.M; Fontes, m.C; Mourão, J.L; Pinheiro, V.M; Rodrigues, JConference ObjectOpen Access
2004Measurement of rabbit’s intestinal villus: Preliminary comparison of two methods. PosterAlves, A; Pinheiro, V.M; Mourão, J.L; Pires, I; Oliveira, J; Gama, AConference ObjectOpen Access
2011Níveis de cálcio e granulometria de calcário na dieta de poedeiras comerciais sobre a qualidade de ovos, sangue e tíbiaPelicia, K.; Mourão, José Luís; Garcia, E.A.; Pinheiro, Victor; Molino, A.B.; Berto, D.A.; Faitarone, A. B.; Vercese, F.; Silva, A.P.ArticleClosed Access
2008Pasture intake improves the performance and meat sensory attributes of free-range broilersPonte, P.I.P; Rosado, C.M.C; Crespo, J.P.; Crespo, D.G; Mourão, José Luís; Chaveiro-Soares, M.A.; Mendes, I.L.T.; Gama, L.T.; Prates, J.A.M.; Ferreira, L.M.A.; Fontes, CarlosArticleClosed Access
2012Polissacáridos da Parede Celular dos CereaisMourão, José LuísDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2011Predicción de la composición de la canal de conejo con análisis de imágenes de cortesSilva, S.R; Guedes, C; Mourão, J.L; Pinheiro, VArticleOpen Access
2006Prediction of carcass and breast weights and yields in broiler chickens using breast volume determined in vivo by real-time ultrasonic measurementSilva, Severiano; Pinheiro, Victor; Guedes, C.M.; Mourão, José LuísArticleClosed Access
2009Productive results of primiparous rabbit does with different live weight at first inseminationPinheiro, V.M; Outor-Monteiro, D; Lourenço, A; Mourão, J.L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2006Produção de frangos de carne em pastagens à base de LeguminosasPonte, P.I.P; Rosado, C.M.C; Crespo, J.P; Crespo, D.G; Chaveiro-Soares, M.A; Mourão, J.L; Mendes, I; Gama, L.T; Prates, J.A.M; Ferreira, L.M.A; Fontes, C.M.AArticleOpen Access
2012Real-time ultrasound to predict rabbit carcass composition and volume of longissimus dorsi muscleJorge, A.,; Silva, S,; Mourão, Jose Luís; Guedes, C,; Pinheiro, V. M..ArticleOpen Access
2012Relación entre los depósitos de grasa corporal e el espesor da grasa perirenal obtenida mediante ultra-sonografia en tiempo real en conejasSilva, S; Guedes, C.; Mourão, J. L.; Pinheiro, V.; Monteiro, DConference ObjectOpen Access
2008Restricting the intake of a cereal-based feed in free range pastured poultry: effects on performance and meat qualityPonte, Patricia; Prates, J.A.M.; Crespo, J.P.; Crespo, D.G.; Mourão, José Luís; Alves, S.P.; Bessa, J.B.; Chaveiro-Soares, M.A.; Ferreira, L.M.A.; Fontes, CarlosArticleClosed Access
2010Strategies for mitigation of nitrogen environmental impact from swine productionOutor-Monteiro, D.; Pinheiro, Victor; Mourão, José Luís; Rodrigues, M.ArticleClosed Access
2009The effect of olive leaves supplementation on the feed digestibility, growth performances of pigs and quality of pork meatPaiva-Martins, F.; Barbosa, S; Pinheiro, Victor; Mourão, José Luís; Outor-Monteiro, DivanildoArticleClosed Access
2008The effect of olive leaves supplementation on the growth performances, oxidative stability and quality of pork meatPaiva-Martins, F; Barbosa, S; Pinheiro, V.M; Mourão, J.L; Outor-Monteiro, DConference ObjectOpen Access
2011The effect of replacing inorganic trace minerals with selenium yeast and organic mineral chelates on broiler performance and carcass qualityTavares, T; Mourão, J.L; Kay, Z; Spring, P; Vieira, J; Gomes, A; Vieira-Pinto, MConference ObjectOpen Access
2009The value of in vivo real time ultrasonography in assessing loin muscularity and carcass composition of rabbitsSilva, Severiano; Guedes, Cristina; Mourão, José Luís; Pio, A; Pinheiro, VictorArticleClosed Access