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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2004Fire behaviour and severity in a maritime pine stand under differing fuel conditionsFernandes, Paulo; Loureiro, Carlos; Botelho, HermínioArticleOpen Access
2011The FIRE PARADOX project: towards science-based fire management in EuropeFernandes, Paulo; Rego, Francisco; Rigolot, EricArticleOpen Access
2000Fire spread prediction in shrub fuels in PortugalFernandes, PauloArticleOpen Access
3-Jan-2013Fire-smart management of forest landscapes in the Mediterranean basin under global changeFernandes, PauloArticleOpen Access
2011Forest fires in Mediterranean countries: CO2 emissions and mitigation possibilities through prescribed burningFernandes, Paulo; Terhi, VilénArticleOpen Access
2012Fuel age, weather and burn probability in PortugalFernandes, Paulo; Loureiro, Carlos; Magalhães, Marco; Ferreira, Pedro; Fernandes, ManuelArticleOpen Access
1998A new method to estimate fuel surface area-to-volume ratio using water immersionFernandes, Paulo; Rego, FranciscoArticleOpen Access
2011PiroPinus: a spreadsheet application to guide prescribed burning operations in maritime pine forestFernandes, Paulo; Loureiro, Carlos; Botelho, HermínioArticleOpen Access
2012Plant flammability experiments offer limited insight into vegetation–fire dynamics interactionsFernandes, Paulo; Cruz, MiguelArticle; ArticleOpen Access
2009Post-fire forest management in southern Europe: a COST action for gathering and disseminating scientific knowledgeBarbati, Anna; Arianoutsou, Margarita; Corona, Per; de las Heras, Jorge; Fernandes, Paulo; Moreira, Francisco; Papageorgiou, Kostas; Vallejo, Ramon; Xanthopoulos, GavriilArticleOpen Access
2000Shrubland fire behaviour modelling with microplot dataFernandes, Paulo; Catchpole, Wendy; Rego, FranciscoArticleOpen Access
2012Survival to prescribed fire of plantation-grown Corsican black pine in northern PortugalFernandes, Paulo; Fernandes, Manuel; Loureiro, CarlosArticleOpen Access
7-Sep-2014The dynamics and drivers of fuel and fire in the Portuguese public forestFernandes, Paulo; Loureiro, Carlos; Guiomar, Nuno; Pezzatti, Gianni; Manso, Filipa; Lopes, LuísArticleOpen Access