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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
1998Environmental and biological factors influence the relationship between a predator fish, Gambusia holbrooki, and its main prey in rice fields of the Lower Mondego River Valley (Portugal).Cabral, João Alexandre; Mieiro, Cláudia L.; Marques, João CarlosArticleClosed Access
1997Low-water use of the Mondego estuary (West Portugal) by waders (Charadrii).Múria, Tiago; Cabral, João Alexandre; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Marques, João CarlosArticleClosed Access
1997A non harmful chemical method of red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) population control and non target organisms problematics in the Lower Mondego River Valley, Portugal.Cabral, João Alexandre; Anastácio, Pedro M.; Carvalho, Ruth; Marques, João CarlosArticleClosed Access
1999Life history, population dynamics and production of eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki (Pisces, Poeciliidae), in rice fields of the Lower Mondego River Valley, West Portugal.Cabral, João Alexandre; Marques, João CarlosArticleClosed Access
1999The impact of macroalgal blooms on the use of the intertidal area and feeding behaviour of waders (Charadrii) in the Mondego estuary (West Portugal).Cabral, João Alexandre; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo; Lopes, Ricardo Jorge; Múrias, Tiago; Marques, João CarlosArticleClosed Access
1996Short-term effects of intertidal macroalgal blooms on the macrohabitat selection and feeding behaviour of wading birds in the Mondego estuary (West Portugal).Múria, Tiago; Cabral, João Alexandre; Marques, João Carlos; Goss-Custard, John D.ArticleClosed Access
1999Acute and sublethal effects of a non-ionic surfactant, Genapol OXD-080, on mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki (Girard).Cabral, João Alexandre; Ávila, Sofia; Marques, João CarlosArticleClosed Access
1999Acute toxicity of malathion and the new surfactant “genapol OXD 080” on species of rice basins.Cano, E.; Jimenez, A.; Cabral, João Alexandre; Ocete, M. E.ArticleClosed Access