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Título: Measurement of rabbit’s intestinal villus: Preliminary comparison of two methods. Poster
Autor: Alves, A
Pinheiro, V.M
Mourão, J.L
Pires, I
Oliveira, J
Gama, A
Palavras-chave: Small intestine
Ileal mucosa
Data: 2004
Resumo: This work applies the microdissection technique, described by Clarke (1977), and the conventionally prepared sections stained with haematoxilin and eosin to samples from rabbit small intestine. Twenty-four rabbits, previously brooded under identical conditions with a basal diet were slaughtered at 24 (n=8), 32 (n=8) and 42 (n=8) days of age to collect samples for laboratory analysis. Two adjacent sections of ileum were collected, one was fixed in 10% neutral formalin for paraffin processing and the other imersed in Clark’s fixative for microdissection. Intestinal architecture was evaluated by measuring villi height and widht and crypt depth in both methods. The results show that measurements of villi and crypts in histological sections were consistently shorter than those obtained in microdissection technique. Microdissection method give accurate information and insight into the relative sizes and shapes of villi and crypts, does not causes retraction artefacts related with dehydration, but as a limited time of execution and observation, while HE preparations are almost eternals. Besides that, HE preparations are also suitable for pathologic diagnosis. In conclusion we think that the microdissection method complement the conventionally haematoxilin and eosin method.
Revisão por Pares: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10348/2572
Tipo de Documento: Objecto de Conferência
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