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Título: Taking Port Wine aroma all over the world: Construction of a Tawny Port Wine-like fragrance
Autor: Ferreira, Rita
Correia, Elisete
Nunes, Fernando Hermínio Ferreira Milheiro
Vilela, Alice Maria Correia
Orientador: Vilela, Alice Maria Correia
Correia, Elisete
Palavras-chave: Port wine
sensory analysis
sensory analysis
consumers acceptability
Data: 28-Jul-2019
Resumo: A unique wine landscape was created almost two millennia ago on the slopes of the Douro River valley and its tributaries, creating a wine marked by a deep articulation between tradition and modernity. Port Wine is the ultimate expression of the RDD's history, cultural heritage of work, experience and art. Tawny Port Wine is aged in barrels and is characterized by aromas of dried fruits, honey, wood and toasted vanilla. Consumers everywhere are becoming more knowledgeable and curious and therefore more likely to be attracted to wines such as Port which represent genuine quality and tradition and which have fascinating stories to tell. To raise and keep alive one of the richest products of the Douro region, the aim of the present work was to develop a Port Wine Tawny fragrance, the first according to the literature.
Revisão por Pares: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10348/9477
Tipo de Documento: Objecto de Conferência
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